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Facebook is overrated. MySpace is much better. (: amirite?

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Damn. Alot of people really hate MySpace.

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Hunter_Paige Hunter_Paige OP


both are time wasters and for people w/no life.

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In response to “both are time wasters and for people w/no life.

You're just afraid that you won't get past 50 friends and they'll call you a LOSERRRRRR

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In response to “both are time wasters and for people w/no life.

You need to stop wasting your life on the internet and get some fresh air.

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Ron Paul

In response to “You need to stop wasting your life on the...

(Ron Paul): Dude, You're on the internet right now...

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Myspace is for the ones who are more artistic.

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i only agree because i have a myspace and not a facebook haha

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zooeysaysCHEESE zooeysaysCHEESE

In response to “i only agree because i have a myspace and not...

Same with me. Haha :)

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Emy Emy

Damn. Alot of people really hate MySpace.

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Hunter_Paige Hunter_Paige OP

myspace is ghetto and it supports your piece of crap band. facebook ftw.

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hunter you are at the top of the worst list your like the most hated chick on here lol

love to you cuzin

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MelissaAnn9 MelissaAnn9

I don't really like Myspace or Facebook. But Myspace is way better...

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No one has a myspace anymore, there are like 3 people out of 2100 at my school who have one, the rest have facebook's

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I skipped the whole Myspace thing and headed straight into Facebook.

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Ron Paul

@ iamsorite, It's More like iammentallychallenged. I think that fits a lot better.

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all you people have time to do is comment on this random post???? GET A LIFE!

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In response to “all you people have time to do is comment on...

well you are making this post! IDIOT!

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well you obviously dont have a facebook

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Someone on Facebook liked this. lol.

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HotKoolAid HotKoolAid

Too bad we're past 2006 by now...

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Crouchez Crouchez

Don't like FaceBook, honestly don't know anything about MySpace

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EternalSailorSol EternalSailorSol

Didn't myspace shut down years ago?

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LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred LorraineTwevlehundredRaineTwelvehundred

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