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When people cry in movies, they look beautiful, but when you cry in real life, your face gets all red, your eyes puffy and then there is the whole snot thing, amirite?

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and the stuttering! i..i..i *sniff sniff *SNORT* H-h-h-h-a-hate you!

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Vinvu Vinvu


and the stuttering! i..i..i *sniff sniff *SNORT* H-h-h-h-a-hate you!

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Vinvu Vinvu

I just drank a tall glass of lmaonade on this.

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Vinvu Vinvu

In response to “I just drank a tall glass of lmaonade on this.

OMG, your comments alone are worth the price of admission. Lmaonade indeed. Hahahahahaha.

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cindylouwho OP

hahahahahahaha Vinvu took the words right out of my mouth xD lol.

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lol @previous comments.
actually my face gets red and such, but my eyes turn the most beautiful color when i cry, so im not sure if i want to cry more to keep them that color, or stop crying and get on with life! :P
sad, isnt it?

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Lol when i cry i cant speak at all so i cant make any good comebacks or anything and my eyes turn like blood red lol

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In response to “Lol when i cry i cant speak at all so i cant...

what's really bad is when you are crying because you are mad and so yeah, nobody is real frightened of your big anger when you are crying like a big ol' baby.

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cindylouwho OP

in movies, they use these eye drop things that make your eyes tear up, but the rest of your face doesn't change, that is why.

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my eyes get really poofy and red, I make this really weird face (I don't know why o.O ) and I don't make any vocal noises at all. And when I do, they're always the same.

It's weird o.o

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I don't cry. It's girly.

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JohnLocke JohnLocke

After getting hit by softballs a couple thousand times,you don't really feel pain anymore . . .

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LOLL the whole snot thing LMFAO

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my lips get reb & puffy when i cry :/

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hahahah "the whole snot thing"

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i think i look gorgeous when i cry.
what a narcissist i am :D

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It's called the "sexy cry". (Stolen from the Nostalgia Critic)

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Button_Mushroom Button_Mushroom

I was #11000!

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pie pie

In response to “I was #11000!

Your user name and picture make me smile. just sayin.

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Harry Potter thought that Cho Chang was very pretty with puffy red eyes :)

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It's life. Fiction is fake for a reason

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EternalSailorSol EternalSailorSol

Don't forget the drool.

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Vrendowl Vrendowl

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