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Don't you wish you could just google anything? Like "where's the remote?" google:"under the couch", amirite?

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people would take advantage of it.
"Where does ___ live?"
"What are ___'s 10 biggest secrets?"
"How can i get away with ___ and not get caught?"
"What do __ and _ say in every one of their messages on FaceBook/MySpace?"
It can go on...

It would be cool though haha

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you both are retarded for having such a stupid fight

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I don't care! Hahahaah

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In response to “I don't care! Hahahaah

(CoolKid(:(:):hey you stole my name :O

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No. Not a good idea for the most part but I agree somewhat o_o Imagine! It'd be that much easier to rape/kidnap small children's if you know their name...

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people would take advantage of it.
"Where does ___ live?"
"What are ___'s 10 biggest secrets?"
"How can i get away with ___ and not get caught?"
"What do __ and _ say in every one of their messages on FaceBook/MySpace?"
It can go on...

It would be cool though haha

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In response to “people would take advantage of it. ...

Thats why there's a clear browsing history option.

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BreakfastFan BreakfastFan

In response to “Thats why there's a clear browsing history option., he means people could search those kind of things about you, or your friend or whoever

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google could do that..... but then they would be creepy stalkers O_O

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that is super creepy

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hahahahahahah, Pedophiles would love this.

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Badassassin Badassassin

In response to “hahahahahahah, Pedophiles would love this.

Otherwise it'd be a great idea.

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Badassassin Badassassin

Fyi this was originally posted on highDEAS, in case any of u were wondering. and it had "****" after "couch".

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When I first read this I thought,
"Dontcha wish your girlfriend was HOT like ME?"

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GabbyGirlie815 GabbyGirlie815

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