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Irish accents are sexy, amirite?

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I like the accent from Northern Ireland a whole lot.

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LyssaBlau LyssaBlau


In response to “

I'm really curious what he's looking at the entire time.

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BowBowBow BowBowBow


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Montana Montana

Scottish is hotter, though.

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colette colette

In response to “Scottish is hotter, though.

i was gonna say that!!! my neighbour is scottish and yeah ok, maybe he has a wife and 2 little kids, but he's still mine ;)

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f_iretr_uck f_iretr_uck

Dia duit mo cairde!!!
Conas atá sibh?

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In response to “Dia duit mo cairde!!! Conas atá sibh?

dia is Muire duit :) tá mé go maith, buiochas le dia, agus tu fein?

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In response to “dia is Muire duit :) tá mé go...

Tá mé go hiontach! Rugadh agus togadh mé í Dún na nGall agus tusa?

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In response to “Tá mé go hiontach! Rugadh agus...

I'm Irish but I hate the Irish language :l

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In response to “Tá mé go hiontach! Rugadh agus...

corcaigh :) and there's the extent of my irish :) no wonder i failed it for the lc lol :)

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Xin_a_tizzleX Xin_a_tizzleX

I like the accent from Northern Ireland a whole lot.

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LyssaBlau LyssaBlau

Yes they're amazing, I even said that in my bio.

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FallenMystery FallenMystery

I love Damien on Glee Project... You can't help but giggle and smile when he talks

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AlliJones AlliJones

In response to “I love Damien on Glee Project... You can't...

I love him I knew about him back when he was in Celtic thunder :)

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FallenMystery FallenMystery

Mmmm, Gerard butler. (:

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*attempts to talk in Irish accent*

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SomeEpicName SomeEpicName

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