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The only time you're happy with C's and D's in your life is when they're yours or your girlfriend's bra size, amirite?

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U sir get a high five

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U sir get a high five

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In response to “U sir get a high five

Actually I'm a girl. (it's the OP). I just thought about it and was like, "I wish I had D's..." and then this post kinda popped into my head.

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I have B's and I hate them. Yep is a big B and normal C but people always tell me there big and I have a small **** so not a good match:/

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lESliE418 lESliE418

Well then miss u still deserve a high five lol. But dont get me wrong. I love **** of all sizes. What size are u?

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In response to “Well then miss u still deserve a high five...

I am in between C and D right now.

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i dont think any guy would only enjoy a C or D if she was his girlfriend, i think he would be happy even if she wasnt

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name name

In response to “i dont think any guy would only enjoy a C or...

I love my girlfriend having D ****... Why wouldn't I enjoy them?

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MasterJ MasterJ

In response to “I love my girlfriend having D ****... Why...

He's saying that you enjoy C's and D's even if they aren't on your girlfriend.

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shaanarora shaanarora

In response to “He's saying that you enjoy C's and D's even...

Oh, well I agree with him then. Thanks for clearing that up.

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MasterJ MasterJ

My girl has DD's, so that point is moot. I was also perfectly happy passing school with D's.

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Mike_Hawk Mike_Hawk

I enjoy my Certificates of Deposit too. Gonna cash them in in about 12 years for some major dough!

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LamWin LamWin

Big **** aren't all that great.. Speaking from experience!!!

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In response to “Big **** aren't all that great.. Speaking...

Big **** are AWESOME (also speaking from experience of owning a pair).

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In response to “Big **** are AWESOME (also speaking from...

I suppose it depends on what you do and if they get in the way of that:) I'm heavy into horse ridingg, and that can get sore:) but at the same time, they sometimes attract too much attention, and guys like you for the wrong reason...

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I'm a small little B :(

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karen_xoxo karen_xoxo

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