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Guys: When you get into a cold pool, it takes a temporary leap of courage to let your balls go under, amirite?

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I don't have balls, but I could imagine.

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ispeakparseltongue ispeakparseltongue


I don't have balls, but I could imagine.

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ispeakparseltongue ispeakparseltongue


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krmassahos krmassahos

**** work much the same way. Trust me.

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StacytheHarlot StacytheHarlot

In response to “**** work much the same way. Trust me.

I'm sure. But balls are the most important part of a man AND MUST BE PROTECTED AT ALL COSTS >:/
**** are just a perk of being female :)

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Try having a ****! Brrrrrrrrr

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sophieee sophieee

In response to “Try having a ****! Brrrrrrrrr

yes, they don't know what pain truly is lmaoo

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Burn! hahaha

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I only disliked 'cause at first I liked it but I was just on a liking spree and then I realized I was a girl and it doesn't apply to me and I felt awkward.

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JennaGee JennaGee

In response to “I only disliked 'cause at first I liked it...

:D i like the fact that you actually took the time to explain urself... :D

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Jonathan Uzi

oh Lord, why do i even read the posts directed to guys...they just make me cringe...also, are you saying that although it's hard for your balls to go under, your **** is just fine? guess if its small, cold water doesn't really make a difference, eh?

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In response to “oh Lord, why do i even read the posts...

No idiot. Balls are more sensitive than ****... :S

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In response to “No idiot. Balls are more sensitive than ****... :S

The worst part is when your tip hits. After tip, its ok until you hit balls. Then it just sucks all over again.

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In response to “The worst part is when your tip hits. After...

Being a girl made that really awkward to read.. I'm not even sure why I did....

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Tweedledee Tweedledee

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