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Guys: cheating = automatic breakup. WHEN will you figure this out?!? amirite?

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Is it only guys who cheat?

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Is it only guys who cheat?

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Of course not. In my case however... it was him.

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JessahAnn JessahAnn OP

Not always. . .
Some girls stay with the guys after they cheat [and vice versa. Girls cheat, too]

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Katffro Katffro

In response to “Not always. . . Some girls stay with the guys...

My ex got cheated on 14 times before she dumped on of her old boyfriends.

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jamesbailey jamesbailey

In response to “My ex got cheated on 14 times before she...

Woah, she dumped on him? That's kinky.

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ConnorNoonan ConnorNoonan

The thing is it doesn't always. People stay with their cheating partners anyway... So you can hardly blame them for not figuring it out with so many mixed signals. And anyways if they cheated they can't care too much about the relationship already. (With a few exceptions, I know.)

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strawberrybanana strawberrybanana

Girls and guys tend to cheat about the same amount. If you continue to stay with a cheater that you know is a cheater then that's your own fault.

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Marki Marki

Why did this post have to be specific to guys? Couldn't you have just written "Cheating= automatic breakup"

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I think that I would be like: "DARN IT! I háve to break up with you, it simply is just some sort of rule, but I don't want to.."

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Princess_Peach Princess_Peach

Yeah, only it's not, as the previous commentors say.

The reasons why guys and girls cheat are different, but girls don't really do it any less... however, if you take into consideration that guys do it just to see if they can and/or for a thrill usually, and that girls generally do it because they feel neglected in the relationship... it's not hard to see why guys take more heat for it.

Anyway, cheating SHOULD equal the end of the relationship, if the person being cheated on has any self-esteem, but sometimes it isn't because they don't. And yes, that is the only reason to stay with someone who willingly and deliberately cheats on you. That includes ****, making out, and emotional cheating such as telling someone else you really want to be with them instead of the person you're with. The only time cheating can be dismissed is when the person gets taken advantage of, in some way... I've known guys who passed out drunk at a friend's house and woke up naked and being basica...

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Black_No_1 Black_No_1

... basically raped by a girl, just like it happens to girls. Non-consensuality is the *only* excuse for cheating... all that "It was a mistake" or "It was just once" or "I was drunk/high(as long as they're still conscious)" is total ****, and I'd never forgive it.

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Black_No_1 Black_No_1

Cheating doesn't necesarrily mean you don't love the person. ** is , it has no romantic or intimate connection. So in my case, my bf this . The way he talked about her and the whole situation is what made me stay. It was . He didn't kiss her. He was a complete jerk to her. Degraded her the entire time. And I know all this cuz her best friend is a close friend of mine. But yeah. Now, if he was tellin the he loved her calling her baby or anything else emotional, I'd be done hands ** down. Emotional cheating and physical cheating are extremely different.

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Not if you have a stupid needy girl.

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MaitiuSexton MaitiuSexton

I wish this were true. Unfortunately, some girls are just stupid =/

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**** you, not only guys cheat

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Fuck you JessahAnn

My best friend's boyfriend cheated on her, called her a ****, and they fight constantly.
Obviously, they're in love.

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Question: My sister received a text from her bf saying, "If it's dirty, I want pictures..." When she replied asking if WHAT was dirty, he tried to tell her that he wanted pictures of her cooking...
Am I the ONLY one who think that that is suspicious?

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In response to “Question: My sister received a text from her...

Sounds like he meant to text someone else. I dunno though, I don't know how their relationship is, so she might should give him the benefit of the doubt.

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TicTacAddict TicTacAddict

Exception to the rule? Bill Clinton

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