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College online: to stupid to get into a real one, amirite?

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This post: too stupid to use the correct form of "too"

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Hahaha, *too.

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In response to “Hahaha, *too.


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There's this thing in the UK called the Open University which is basically a work-from-home type thing. I think it's mainly for older adults who have a proper job too. I think that's fine.
But for a young person, it would be uber lame to do that.

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In response to “There's this thing in the UK called the Open...

uber is an awesome word

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thats kind of dumb to say, i do not go to an online college but my college does offer online classes and you can do half and half. For some classes its just easier to to online than drive to campus for it. Also, a couple of the classes required for my degree are only online sooo boooyahhhh

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Yeah, let's hate on people for getting educated any way they can while ignoring the facts- like, some people don't live near any colleges. Some people have to work for a living because they have a family to support. Online college is still better than no college, asshat. This site is just crammed full of ignorant teenagers, isn't it?

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In response to “Yeah, let's hate on people for getting...

Pretty much. Just 'cause you go to an online college doesn't mean you're stupid. You might not have the time or the money. But whatever. It's hard to get anything through to most of the people on here.

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ABitDisconsolate ABitDisconsolate

In response to “Yeah, let's hate on people for getting...

You are right good sir/madam, by the way, do you have any kids?

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That child molester

Well, if it is a legitimate college with online classes, that's one thing. If it's one of those colleges who has a commercial with a girl in PJs, that's another.

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Katffro Katffro

In response to “Well, if it is a legitimate college with...

It's not a college. It's a website to help you FIND an online college.

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In response to “It's not a college. It's a website to help...

I'm pretty sure one of them was about an actual online college.

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Katffro Katffro

In response to “I'm pretty sure one of them was about an...

I think you're right, there is one for an actual online college with a girl in pjs.

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cocainecowgirl cocainecowgirl

This post: too stupid to use the correct form of "too"

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In response to “This post: too stupid to use the correct form...

: ha. props to you. i only read the comments in the hopes that someone would say that. thanks!

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In response to “: ha. props to you. i only read the comments...

hahaa me too! :)

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A lot of people have severe health problems and are unable to attend an actual college. Not only that, but some people go back to school once they are married and have children.. if you are in that situation, you wouldn't have time to go into college every day. Or.. perhaps the person doesn't live close enough to a college and they live out in the middle of nowhere. Think before you speak.. I'm tired of reading posts like this. Sorry.

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makeup_nerd makeup_nerd

This is funny, because you're bashing people who use an Online College because they are supposedly stupid, which has been put on there for people less fortunate to go to college, maybe they couldn't afford it ? Yet there is a very obvious grammar error in that post. At least they're trying to be educated, unlike you.

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wrong tense of to

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irony at its best. *too

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ConnorNoonan ConnorNoonan

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