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Vous ne parlez pas français. Enfin j'ai juste eu envi de mettre quelque chose en français sur ce site. amirite?

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I understood "You don't speak French"... then I got stuck.

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PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33


Oui, je parle français. C'est ma deuxième langue.

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Star_Fox_Elite Star_Fox_Elite

Quelle nationalité? What nationality?

+7103 Reply


Quelle nationalité? What nationality?

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Je suis américain avec un peu de sang écossais et irlandais.

I'm american with a little bit of scottish and irish blood.

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Star_Fox_Elite Star_Fox_Elite

lol this post is cool, i used google translate. :)

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Delightful_Dolphin Delightful_Dolphin

@wolf_of_fire: c'est vraiment sympa. Moi je suis un africain d'origine indienne(:
@SMEXY: that's what i was expecting.

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C'est assez impressionnant. :)

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Star_Fox_Elite Star_Fox_Elite

Je sais et c'est même un peu bizarre:) il y a pas beaucoup de gens sur les sites que je visite qui parle français. Donc c'est pluto interessant d'en croiser quelque un de temps en temps, surtout si c'est un américain:)

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In response to “Je sais et c'est même un peu bizarre:)...

Je parle un peu français parce que je suis à moitié français, moitié italien. C'est fou. (:

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WheatToast WheatToast

In response to “Je parle un peu français parce que je...

C'est assez impressionnant aussi!

-347 Reply

Star_Fox_Elite Star_Fox_Elite

In response to “C'est assez impressionnant aussi!

Merci. (:

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WheatToast WheatToast

je vie en france !!!!

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In response to “je vie en france !!!!

alors pourquoi avez-vous voté yya

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J'aime cette ideé :) Mon francais n'est pas parfait mais je passais l`été en Québec et je manque le francais.

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choir_addict choir_addict

I understood "You don't speak French"... then I got stuck.

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PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33

In response to “I understood "You don't speak...

Something about wanting to put french things on the site.

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heethebobo heethebobo

In response to “I understood "You don't speak...

I know how you feel. I only had a years worth of French so far. I wish I could speak it better.

055 Reply

musical musical

In response to “I know how you feel. I only had a years worth...

I haven't even taken any French!

-268 Reply

PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33

sooo i used google translaotr and i was about to translate the rest of the comments but there are too many

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opie opie

Wat does the post mean?

+3118 Reply

Crystalblue97 Crystalblue97

In response to “Wat does the post mean?

Vous ne parlez pas français. Enfin j'ai juste eu envi de mettre quelque chose en français sur ce site. amirite?=You do not speak French. Finally I just wanted to put something in French on this site. amirite?

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Raven Raven

In response to “Oh ok thanx.


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Raven Raven

Menage trois. That's all I know

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I know an Akash and he is in my French class. Marc?

-268 Reply

OnePenguin OnePenguin

In response to “I know an Akash and he is in my French class...

I knew an Akash and he WAS in my french class... weird

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MissAwesomeness MissAwesomeness

Le francais est ma premiere langue :)

-459 Reply


Francias est ma premiere langue aussi..mange la merde

-189 Reply


In response to “Francias est ma premiere langue aussi..mange...

Mange de la merde* Français* Première*

-156 Reply


In response to “Mange de la merde* Français* Première*

bienvenue au internet.....ou la grammaire fait rien

+275 Reply


omelette du fromage!!!!! That's all the French i've ever learnt :D

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supposedtobestudying supposedtobestudying

No entiendo francés, estoy tomando español. Creo que mas personas entiendes Spanish, ¿entiendes lo que estoy diciendo?

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In response to “No entiendo francés, estoy tomando...

Lo siento, entienden en lugar de entiendes.

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I would go to google translate and translate all of the comments and the post itself, but I'm so lazy. So uh Bonjour! That's all the French I know.

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Kashish Kashish

I read through all these comments, and thought to myself,

I have taken french for three years, and I can barely speak anything...

+176 Reply

mchalla3 mchalla3

In response to “I read through all these comments, and...

That's exactly what I was thinking.

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CarterKennedy CarterKennedy


-448 Reply

ArahRah ArahRah

In response to “chien..


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mchalla3 mchalla3

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