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Girls, it is no fun when you are the last one to notice that your **** has popped out, amirite?

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It's certainly fun for other people. (hello)

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Artemis Artemis


It's certainly fun for other people. (hello)

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Artemis Artemis

In response to “It's certainly fun for other people. (hello)

That depends on who it is. If their rolls fall out with it it's not fun for anybody.

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armtheangels armtheangels

its not an issue if your **** arent big enough to pop out... -sigh-

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Rach_El Rach_El

In response to “its not an issue if your **** arent big...

amen sista

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In response to “its not an issue if your **** arent big...

Well, honestly, I don't like big ****. Reminds me of fat guys.

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In response to “Well, honestly, I don't like big ****...

it's funny because half the guys i know have bigger **** than i do.

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Rach_El Rach_El


That almost happened to me the other day when I was swimming at the river near my house. Some guy looked at me, and my **** had fallen out. Embarrassing. Luckily, nobody else saw.

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marou239 marou239

ughh. years ago, I went to my friend's pool party and wore a bathing suit that was a bit too tight, but I didn't have time to go buy another one, and thought it'd be fine. She was going to try to introduce me to her neighbor, to sort of set us up (though we were like 7th or 8th graders, haha), and when I got in the pool and she brought him over, it was kinda awkward. I realized after they both left that i was completely out of my bathing suit on one side. so embarrasing.

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In response to “ughh. years ago, I went to my friend's pool...

OH! That's terrible! One time I was at the beach with my church and a guy that I liked. This huge wave came and knocked me over and I did a back flip underwater and when I came up my bottoms were around my ankles and my top had flown up! No one saw because I was under the whitewash. Or at least, no one mentioned anything.

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brigitteee3 brigitteee3

>< Bad memories...

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MysteryWhiteGirl MysteryWhiteGirl

Ugh, I was swimming in a strapless bra and shorts with a bunch of my friends (We didn't have suits) and I went underwater, and when I came up, my bra was around my middle. **** completely out in the open. Six guys saw. Not a proud moment for me -.-

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PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33

In response to “Ugh, I was swimming in a strapless bra and...

That is so **** hot.

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In response to “That is so **** hot.

Well aren't you just wonderfully creepy?

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PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33

haha when i was in 8th grade me and my class went on a field trip to this place with rapids and our teacher told us not to go out to far into the rapids and this one girl with a strapless swim suit top on went out too far and stood up saying "ha! no hands!" yeah needless to say she falshed us all and afterwards our male teacher was like "you deserved it for no following the rules" haha it was funny.

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TheGrapist TheGrapist

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