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High schoolers would be more productive if they started school at 3PM and went until 10PM, amirite?

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Here's a great one... 12;00 to 1;00 Pm and no hw =D

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B747 B747


8 AM - 2PM without all the unnecessary breaks would be good.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

In response to “8 AM - 2PM without all the unnecessary breaks...

compared to that, I like our 9-3 with breaks.

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Savoureux Savoureux

In response to “8 AM - 2PM without all the unnecessary breaks...

My school's schedule is 7:30am to 2:40pm.

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Sex_With_A_Snail Sex_With_A_Snail

Here's a great one... 12;00 to 1;00 Pm and no hw =D

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B747 B747

People say that in the work world, you don't have hours like that. But teenagers sleep patterns are drifted to the point where they cannot fall asleep until like 11-12. If they have to wake up at 5 or 6, they are not getting enough sleep which affects first period classes and late night homework. Making it so I would not need to be there until 3 would make most teenagers' lives 100x easier.

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In response to “People say that in the work world, you don't...

But when they go back home they won't go to sleep right away. Besides some students live far from school and it takes them an hour or more to get back home. So they'll be at home at like 11? and then who would want to go to sleep right after school? Then they end up going to sleep really late and waking up really late only to go to school again. Plus people usually get tired at those hours.
And what about homework? you'll have to wake up early anyway to do homework or study. And if you want to do stuff after school you can't cuz it's late, and no one would want to wake up early to do anything. So yeah. (lolwut)

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PurpleZebra PurpleZebra

In response to “But when they go back home they won't go to...

The hours suggested were not the best hours. But let's say school started at 10. That means school would get out around 5. You would still have plenty of time for homework, do nothing and have some kind of life. On top of this, teenagers could get the sleep they need.

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In response to “People say that in the work world, you don't...

As much as it sucks, high school kids, who need to sleep the latest, get up earliest, and elementary school kids who naturally get up earliest have the latest school schedule, at least where I live. It aucks, but it's because high school kids have the most and longest lasting extracurriculars, sports, etc. So if they have a practice they'll stay untold say 6 instead of 9. No matter what, kids won't get enough sleep. But it is way too early right now.

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Suzywao Suzywao

I would like 10 to 4. But no.

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Soup Soup

Some schools wanted to do that but then people said that it's not like that in the work world & teenagers need to be prepared for when they're older. Also, it'd be hard to have extra curriculars. Nobody would want to see a basketball game at midnight. It'd be very hard on the parents.

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ling_ling ling_ling

Kiss your social life good bye then.

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GolfWang GolfWang

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