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You're curious as to how they get all of the photos for textbooks. Do they have an archive, or is there a big photo shoot day? "Okay! We need a mother in a wheelchair and a daughter with brown hair painting a kitchen wall yellow at a 45 degree angle! Make it happen," amirite?

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I don't know, but maybe they advertise these things saying, "NEED RACES OF EVERY KIND. WE ALSO NEED SOME KIDS IN WHEELCHAIRS. WEAR YOUR WORST POSSIBLE 90s CLOTHES."

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Seeing as I know a little about this stuff, no I don't wonder, but the way you worded this is hilarious and therefore I agreed.. kudos

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CharlesTG CharlesTG

I've always wondered this, especially for my Social Studies book, where they have pictures of floods in very specific areas (like a certain area in India). I just think, do they randomly hear about these things and decide to put them in their book?

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Link Link

they use stock photos

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haha yes the way you worded this is fantastic

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stacym25 stacym25

I really want to know the account name of the OP. I'm sure most, if not all, of their posts are worded amazingly. haha

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SerendipitalAmity SerendipitalAmity

The "make it happen" was beautiful.

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ispeakparseltongue ispeakparseltongue

I don't know, but maybe they advertise these things saying, "NEED RACES OF EVERY KIND. WE ALSO NEED SOME KIDS IN WHEELCHAIRS. WEAR YOUR WORST POSSIBLE 90s CLOTHES."

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In response to “I don't know, but maybe they advertise these...

hahahaha so true about the terrible 90's clothes.

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They have photo shoots. they contact modeling agencies, put kids in ugly clothes and wheelchairs, and make them do stupid activities in fake classrooms. lol. I'm in a Harcourt math textbook for 6th grade.

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And the kids in the problems always have really ethnic, old-fashioned, or unusual names, plus a couple of kids with really common names. "Yoshiko, Tabitha, Julio, Olga, and Kevin are painting a wall that is 6 feet tall and 9 feet wide..."

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JustASmallTownGirl JustASmallTownGirl

Ashley T.

In response to “And the kids in the problems always have...

I remember every year in my math textbooks there were always a few problems with someone named Tabitha in there, no joke.

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hahahaha made my day :D

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my friend was in a photo shoot for a text book

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