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Nobody :(
You have NO clue who Gerard Way is, amirite?

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shame on you

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saywhen saywhen

shame on me? i happen to know who he is. :D

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Celestialjess OP

I didnt think it was possible NOT to know who he is D;

+451 Reply

beckalecky beckalecky

Lol I never find MCR fans >.<

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Celestialjess OP

In response to “Lol I never find MCR fans >.<

That's weird. They're a huge group..

+55 Reply

bobbibet bobbibet

In response to “Lol I never find MCR fans >.<

...amirite? even has a set of Killjoys.

+33 Reply

FunGhoul FunGhoul

I know because I read My Immortal. Oh, yeah, and he was in MCR.

+33 Reply

Momo Momo

God, this post sounds so self-righteous, like "I'm so much better than you because I listen to MCR and no one else does, I'm so hipster!" I hate MCR, and I know who he is.

Also, you guys know there's a reply button, right?

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In response to “God, this post sounds so self-righteous, like...

Except those of us ignorant folk seem to be a minority.

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Neighbor Neighbor

In response to “God, this post sounds so self-righteous, like...

Don't assume. It makes an **** out of you and me.

022 Reply

IchLiebeDich IchLiebeDich

In response to “God, this post sounds so self-righteous, like...

Lol I know I'm really late replying and you don't care, but whatever. I was in love with MCR. Then I got over it. Just watch what you say. You're totally entitled to an opinion, but you're bound to get tons of hate talking like that. Oh and btw, this post was more of a joke. I was just used to say "I love Gerard way :D" and people being like "who?". I lauged about it all the time.
So yeah, have a nice day(:

-11 Reply

Celestialjess OP

I know who he is. Unfortunately...

+352 Reply

Logan Logan

Guy from My Chemical Romance? I may be wrong...?

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ashnicoleluvsblg ashnicoleluvsblg

I would most likely be murdered in my sleep if I didn't know who he is. My friend used to be obsessed with MCR and would fan girl about him.

+11 Reply

silverdoe65 silverdoe65

i wish i didnt

-33 Reply

StringBikini StringBikini

Is he an actor?

-33 Reply

__________ __________

In response to “Is he an actor?

You have him confused with Gerard Butler. Gerard Way is a musician.

+11 Reply

Grills_Bears Grills_Bears

I saw him in February, oh my god they were so great! They were gone for so long, glad they came back better than ever :)

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Xin_a_tizzleX Xin_a_tizzleX

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