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My **** can tell when it's raining.

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Pretty much.

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

However, it does NOT work the other way. It's just plain weird hearing a dude talk about his ****... Unless it's your boyfriend.

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In response to “However, it does NOT work the other way. It's...

When I read the first part I thought you ment when a guy talked about his manboobs...

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Comrade Comrade

My **** can tell when it's raining.

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In response to “My **** can tell when it's raining.

And when its cold...

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Duggins Duggins

However, it is a different story when girls have talking ****

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Personally, I find it offputting if a girl I'm talking to talks about her **/**. I had a 20 minute conversation with my friend about her gynecologist, and I had to pretend to be interested.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

In response to “Personally, I find it offputting if a girl...

Its more awkward when a girl asks you if you ever get awkward boners and then proceed to ask you endless questions about your ****.

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WideAwake WideAwake

In response to “Its more awkward when a girl asks you if you...

I once had to explain to SEVEN girls in my grade why guys CAN'T sleep in the same bed together, even if our heads are on opposite ends. I said, "In the mornings, it would be really awkward. Sometimes, blood likes to go to a particular area and waking up in the same bed as a guy just makes it all the worse." Then one proceded to ask me why we didn't wear pads then. Clearly she didn't understand morning wood.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

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