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Paris has the most efficient subway, followed by NYC, amirite?

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I've always liked Quizno's more than Subway, so I guess this argument wouldn't really apply to me.

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I don't know about MOST efficient, but it is true that public transportation in Europe tends to be a lot better than that in the US. At least in my experiences

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BeedleTheBard BeedleTheBard

Actually London's is pretty efficient

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Mtrenchie Mtrenchie

Paris is so confusing! London's is definitely better.

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lilyblossom lilyblossom

DC is very good too

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NYC's subway pretty much sucks.

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iTampon iTampon

Singapore. Although it may be less complicated because its smaller.

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mchalla3 mchalla3

The NYC subway might not always be pleasant, but it is efficient, and does not "suck." You can go anywhere you want in the biggest city in the U.S for at least $2.25. Sounds good to me.

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_Jojo_ _Jojo_

you could travel anywhere in paris for 1.70 euros, and to pretty much all the suburbs for like, twenty cents more. It's cheap and takes very little time.

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I've always liked Quizno's more than Subway, so I guess this argument wouldn't really apply to me.

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i hate the metro, london's tube is much more efficient.

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caitling11 caitling11

Hahahaha Shanghai's transport system is amazing. You can get most places for 3RMB (equates to 30 cents) and the absolute most expensive is rightt out to the edges of Shanghai which is 8RMB (80 cents). It's really quick and clean and stuff too.

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XhollyXroseX XhollyXroseX

I'd say Moscow has the most efficient. I think it's only 50 rubles (about $2) and during rush hour the trains come every 30 seconds. I mean as soon as one train leaves the next one is right behind it. Not to mention it has beautiful paintings and architecture.
Having lived in Moscow, NYC, visited DC, and Paris, i would say NYC has the most disgusting subway system.

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toronto, DUH!

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