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You used to bounce on net-less trampolines, climb trees without supervision, sleep on the top bunk with no rail, eat food without washing your hands after being outside, swim without floaties, be in the car with no kiddie-lock, and play soccer in your street, and you grew up fine, amirite?

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And we're all the better for it. At least we got to learn our limits rather than having them set for us

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And we're all the better for it. At least we got to learn our limits rather than having them set for us

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Yeah, damn straight! Except for the floaties and the bunk bed. But it wouldn't kill them!

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I had a bunk bed without a rail and I was fine. But then I got one with a rail and I fell off trying to reach for a balloon. So its better without limits.

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I HATED my floaties. Everytime my parents turned their backs, I took them off. Never had a bunk bed, but once I did fall off a net-less trampoline. It was AWESOME. I miss my childhood.

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Mel_Bell Mel_Bell

My mom is super-duper-protective of anything small and defenseless, so i never got to do any of this :/

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MotherRucker MotherRucker

I loved climbing trees! That was how I spent most of my weekends when I was a kid.

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Aerith Aerith

I swam with floaties and didn't play soccer in the street, but honestly? What's wrong with letting your kid get a little hurt?

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fangirl12 fangirl12

I'm gonna let my kids do all of these things except running in the streets. That's where I draw the line.

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YES! I agree! Kids should have freedom.... :) But we need some freedom too, right?

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Exactly! If kids get hurt doing something, then they'll learn from their mistakes and know not to do it again.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

In response to “Exactly! If kids get hurt doing something...

...Where as if they are "banned" from something they will just have all the more desire to do it. Started my exact train of thought.

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Rainboots Rainboots

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