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Your foot is the same size as the space between your inner wrist and elbow, amirite?

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i looked at my arm and was like NOWAY, thats a huge space. But then I tried it. -_-

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Shekilled Shekilled


I just tried... Nope.

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SickLoveLetter SickLoveLetter

How did you know?!

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i just tried and it worked!!

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My foot's a little too short :(

+55 Reply


the portions of the body are so cool, like the distance between your first and second finger is the same as your nose. everyone who disagrees are disproportional or doing it wrong.

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In response to “Mines a tad smaller.

if it's within a centimeter or two it's fine (especially since where the wrist ends is debatable) but if it's a big difference who have a genetic defect which is fine and quite common, also, i don't know but if your an adolescent then the portions may be off

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In response to “if it's within a centimeter or two it's fine...

Its only by a centimeter or so, so it's not that bad.

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MrsxBillxKaulitz MrsxBillxKaulitz

In response to “the portions of the body are so cool, like...

wait how do you do that?do you spread your fingers apart or what?

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Igpay_Atinlay Igpay_Atinlay

In response to “wait how do you do that?do you spread your...

sorry i meant first and second knuckle on the thumb... my bad

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I'm disproportional. My forearm is way longer than my foot. By like, an inch or so... : /

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ghost_nappa ghost_nappa

This is pretty cool, though. I've never noticed that.

+22 Reply

MrsxBillxKaulitz MrsxBillxKaulitz

i learned this from watching Pretty Women ... (:

+22 Reply


Mine is off by about four inches. But I'm going through puberty so I still have time to grow.

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JennaGee JennaGee

Indeed. Also, from the tip of your middle finger, to the end of your hand/top of the wrist is the size of your ****. ;]

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Trazzz Trazzz

In response to “Indeed. Also, from the tip of your middle...

Hahaha really?

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In response to “Hahaha really?

I personally can't try it out for myself, but that's what I've heard. Meheh.

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Trazzz Trazzz

isn't your arm span supposed to be equivalent to your height or something?
i remember that from 'cyber chase'.

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rowanne rowanne

I had not realized just how big my feet are until I did that... *sigh*

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i looked at my arm and was like NOWAY, thats a huge space. But then I tried it. -_-

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Shekilled Shekilled

my foot's like 2 inches bigger... And I'm past the growing age =/ it's okay though... I always knew I had hobbits feet.

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Batman Batman

That is incredibly awesome.

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jcad16 jcad16

My foot's about 2 inches smaller

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It worked

I'm rather scared

-11 Reply


My foot is about 4 inches shorter... cursed long arms. =/

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So does this mean that the size of a man's forearm is the same as the size of his... nevermind.

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In response to “So does this mean that the size of a man's...

Three times the size of his thumb.

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SickLoveLetter SickLoveLetter

My mom taught me that when I was little.

+11 Reply

kayawithpig kayawithpig

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