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You say the word "obviously" the way Snape does in the fifth Harry Potter movie. amirite?

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I actually say it like Antione Dodson: "OBVIOUSLY, we have a RAPIST in Lincoln Park!"

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Soooo true, so true.

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emmyjaay emmyjaay

The actor said it exactly how I imagined it when reading the book. :D

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reddead reddead

I know! I was like they better have that part in the movie, and they did!

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Alison OP

Oh my god! That is my favourite line from the films. Though I also love it in the first movie, when:

Hermionie: I'm going to go before we get killed, or even worse, expelled
Ron: (To Harry) She needs to get her priorities sorted


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JustLikeThat JustLikeThat

In response to “Oh my god! That is my favourite line from the...

I love the part in CoS when Malfoy turns to Harry/Goyle and snaps "I didn't know you could read." It gets me every time haha.

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kodabear911 kodabear911

No, because I'm not a nerd.

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D_Sexy D_Sexy

In response to “No, because I'm not a nerd.

Haters gon' hate.

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Proud Nerd

In response to “Haters gon' hate.

(Proud Nerd): Chill out guys, just joking.

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D_Sexy D_Sexy

In response to “(Proud Nerd): Chill out guys, just joking.

lol at 21 votes down.

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reddead reddead

In response to “lol at 21 votes down.


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D_Sexy D_Sexy

ah i love snape :) my second favorite character, after hermione

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I actually say it like Antione Dodson: "OBVIOUSLY, we have a RAPIST in Lincoln Park!"

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In response to “I actually say it like Antione Dodson:...

that guy ftw!

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Ness Ness

In response to “I actually say it like Antione Dodson:...

Imagine saying Antoine Dodson's words with Snape's voice.

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monstrosity monstrosity

That's how I read the amirite before I saw it even mentioned Snape. XD

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CNBlueSNSDlessthan3 CNBlueSNSDlessthan3

Obbvviously <3

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CarbzxCutthroat CarbzxCutthroat

No.. I've never read Harry Potter.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

**** love Alan Rickman...

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PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33

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