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Picking up something light when you're expecting it to be heavy is a weird sensation, amirite?

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I picked up the milk jug in our fridge expecing it to be full and slammed my hand on the shelf above it. I can't say it was a wierd sensation, but is sure did hurt, haha.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad


I picked up the milk jug in our fridge expecing it to be full and slammed my hand on the shelf above it. I can't say it was a wierd sensation, but is sure did hurt, haha.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

I do that sometimes. :D Like when I pick up a glass expecting it to be full but it's empty... feels like it was stuck to the tabletop, doesn't it, kinda?

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the opposite is the worse,

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Vinvu Vinvu

In response to “the opposite is the worse,

How? You're trying to pick it up and you think it's light, but it's heavy. At least you know to use more force on your next attempt.

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In response to “How? You're trying to pick it up and you...

well last week, i thought i could bench press 140lb.. sure i could lift it up, that was the easy part, but pushing it back up was bad

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Vinvu Vinvu

In response to “well last week, i thought i could bench press...

Oh..never mind, that's bad. I can bench press only 100lb :(

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O...M...G... this JUST now happened to me and i was about to post about it on here. wow O_o creeeepy. hahaha :]

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renthead38 renthead38

Holy crap this has a lot of plusses

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Yeah, but imagine running as fast as you can, spotting a basketball, and attempting to grab it mid-run, only to realize that it's filled with and and frozen to the ground. Gotta love alaska (Mods tried to activate my account, but it didnt work, so i sent an email telling them, but havent gotten a reply for a few days, what now?)

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In response to “Yeah, but imagine running as fast as you can...

Yeah...go alaska.

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How did this unoriginal ish make it as the post of the day?

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TheCovertConverser TheCovertConverser

In response to “How did this unoriginal ish make it as the...

Isn't it obvious? 0_O

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Lex Lex OP

Haha like in The Office! With putting the quarters in the phone one by one, and then when he takes them out it's really light.

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Hehe, I once was about to carry a box that looked so heavy. I ended up on the floor, with a bruise on my chin.

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I get it, it's a **** joke!

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In response to “I get it, it's a **** joke!

wtf no it isn't

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Lex Lex OP

its a weird sensation but so great. like deja vu

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I do that all the time! It always goes:
Sister: *Picks up* That isn't heavy...
Me: I know, but I was expecting it to be heavy.

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SailPlane SailPlane

I WAS THE 10000TH YYA!!!

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

How in the WORLD did you manage to rack up 11, 697 Yeah You Are votes?!

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CrazyCheerio CrazyCheerio

In response to “How in the WORLD did you manage to rack up...

Lets just say I am still picking the **** out of my teeth.

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Lex Lex OP

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