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Female employers/bosses are more likely to discriminate based on gender than male employers/bosses, amirite?

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This post is so ironic because its a sexist comment complaining about sexist people :)

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BOSS: Hey, nice work. Was a great presentation.
YOU: Yeah, thanks. I tried my best on it.
BOSS: Yeah. Do that again next time.


BOSS: Hey, nice work. Was a great presentation.
YOU: Yeah, thanks. I tried my best on it.
BOSS: So, what? You think you're better at presentation than me?
YOU: What?
BOSS: So you think I can't be as good as you? Is that it?
YOU: That's not what I said...
BOSS: Oh, I get it! You men are such sexist ****, you know that? No, you know what? You're fired.
YOU: ... Whatever, ****.
(etc. etc. etc.)

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AdonisBatheus AdonisBatheus

In response to “MALE BOSS BOSS: Hey, nice work. Was a great...

I know you're just a dumb kid, so I shouldn't tease you... but I don't think that has happened ever.

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In response to “I know you're just a dumb kid, so I shouldn't...

It was a year ago. God help me if I ever type anything similar to that ever again.

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AdonisBatheus AdonisBatheus

I think either gender could be discriminated against.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

This post is so ironic because its a sexist comment complaining about sexist people :)

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In response to “This post is so ironic because its a sexist...

Oh wow, I think you might be on to something.

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My female boss is way less discriminating than my male boss was at my old job. At my current job, it is based on your ability to do the job well. At my old job, it was based on whether or not you had a ****.

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Since sexism to females is more of the norm, I can't help but think you just notice it more because they're a woman. I'm also assuming the commenter is male so, again, you probably just notice it more because it's directed at you. On another note, when a woman is sexist, people tend to assume she's just a "feminazi man-hating lesbian" but if a man is, people tend to just go "lol women need to learn to take a joke". But hey, maybe you really did get unlucky and got a very sexist female boss.

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In response to “Since sexism to females is more of the norm...

I notice this behavior toward other women, as well...and yes, I'm male.

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SnobbyDrugAddict SnobbyDrugAddict OP

In response to “I notice this behavior toward other women, as...

Sadly, you may be right! It isn't impossible for women to be sexist (though you'd think they know bette, since they know first-hand how much it sucks), and they can even be sexist towards other women. Not all men are sexist either, I know there's plenty of feminist guys out there. Sorry if my post seemed to be accusing all men of being sexist, I know perfectly well that is far from true.

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