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The guy who stands in the entrance of Walmart and says "Welcome to Walmart" must say it so many times, he probably wakes up at night yelling it. amirite?

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This made me giggle

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This made me giggle

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this is funny. made me actually LOL

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waterpayneting waterpayneting

Haha I laughed too. I can imagine the old people clutching a pillow screaming WEEELLCCOOMMMEEE TOTOOOOOO WAAALLLLLMART!!!!!

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**** dis wuz soo dayum funnay. dis dun made muh day. like fo weal mudda fuggahs.

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In response to “Should be POTD

wait... what does POTD mean..? i just can't figure it out D:

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In response to “post of the day

okay thanks! AND DON'T YOU NASTY MOTHER ** VOTE THAT DOWN, YOU HAD TO FIGURE IT OUT ONCE TOO. thankfully softball8 is nice and kind and not a total **

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In response to “okay thanks! AND DON'T YOU NASTY MOTHER ****...

haha well thank u! ^.^ yes sometimes people are just ****.

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In response to “**** dis wuz soo dayum funnay. dis dun made...

*done (even though it's incorrect grammar)

Come back when you learn how to spell.

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Retooser Retooser

In response to “ *this *was *so *damn *funny *This *done...

You seem to have forgotten how to spell a basic word like that.

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In response to “***** You seem to have forgotten how to spell...

I don't like to swear online. Excuse me.

+8113 Reply

Retooser Retooser

In response to “I don't like to swear online. Excuse me.

Then don't **** about spelling if you can't even bring yourself to spell properly yourself. And it's only online, how is swearing offline any different?

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In response to “Then don't **** about spelling if you can't...

I can spell it properly, I just chose not to. I don't swear online because your online identity stays with you forever. I only swear offline when I'm really mad or if I've hurt myself.

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Retooser Retooser

Hahaha :)

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Haha this made me LOL

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BeautifulNightmare BeautifulNightmare

hahahahahah this is funny:)

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HAHAH picturing this in my head :)

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chuckytheducky chuckytheducky

Would you like a sticker?

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iWeasley iWeasley

In response to “Would you like a sticker?

/Wife wakes up, "Wtf?"

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KickAss KickAss

I work at McDonald's and I swear I say "Thankyouhaveanicedayandcomeback" in my sleep

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shelbybuckffs shelbybuckffs

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