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September 1st is always so disappointing, knowing that wizards are heading off to Hogwarts while you're stuck in the Muggle world, amirite?

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Harry Potter is immense! Don't knock it!

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BeachBabe BeachBabe


This makes me sad!

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Stupid ****, Harry Potter isn't real

-18321 Reply


In response to “Stupid ****, Harry Potter isn't real

Stupid ****, let people dream.
Alternatively, take a joke.

+12142 Reply

lecornergirl lecornergirl

In response to “Stupid ****, let people dream. Alternatively...

Nice user name!!!

+66 Reply


In response to “Nice user name!!!

thankies :)

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lecornergirl lecornergirl

In response to “Stupid ****, Harry Potter isn't real

seriously we know that but we like the thought of magic and things that normal people cant explain... its like going to a magic show knowing how to do every single trick and still believing it was real... its fun and makes you fell like a little kid... personally i think anyone who can write things like harry potter or house of nights is amazing and has a great imagination... i wish everyone was like that cuz it makes bad things seem minor and the world always seems good in books like that (well atleast at the end it is)

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1koolkoko 1koolkoko

its my birthday :D

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Grumio Grumio

In response to “its my birthday :D

Happy Birthday!

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Retooser Retooser

In response to “Happy Birthday!

thank you!

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Grumio Grumio

In response to “its my birthday :D

Happy Birthday!!

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get that MLIA shit outta here

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Optimus Prime

In response to “get that MLIA shit outta here

(Optimus Prime): RIGHT!???

-224 Reply

SailPlane SailPlane

Aww :(, i'm depressed now, lol

-11 Reply


this is so mental! having to go to some dumb muggle school because i wasn't accepted to hogwarts!

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Harry Potter is stupid. 'Nuff said.

-20222 Reply

SailPlane SailPlane

Harry Potter is immense! Don't knock it!

+891 Reply

BeachBabe BeachBabe

In response to “Harry Potter is immense! Don't knock it!

I have to agree, Harry Potter is pretty cool ;)

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Hahaha, I'm chilling on the Hogwarts Express right now, this very moment!!!

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In response to “Hahaha, I'm chilling on the Hogwarts Express...

I was too,meet me in the great hall

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willisjaw willisjaw


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MY BEST **** FRIEND POSTED THIS. :O thats wicked exciting.

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kymmm kymmm

It's my birthday too! :D

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In response to “It's my birthday too! :D

(cookies<3): happy belated birthday =)

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figirl figirl

September 1st sucks because I always miss the Hogwarts Express.

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silverdoe65 silverdoe65

In response to “September 1st sucks because I always miss the...

I don't...I'm in my fourth year at joke.

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People who hate on Harry Potter, compare your comment ratings to the people who defend HP, then go away and stop bothering us.

*sigh* Stupid muggles.

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Nah, I don't mind it.... My birthday is the next day anyway and, besides, NEXT YEAR, I'LL BE TRANSFERRED TO PIGFARTS.

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Indeed Indeed

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