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When guys push up their sleeves to their elbows, it's one of the hottest things they can possibly do, but when a girl does it, it just makes her look like an idiot, amirite?

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i push my sleeves up a lot, and i'm a girl. =

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i push my sleeves up a lot, and i'm a girl. =

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why does it make us look hot? :s Its just rolling up sleeves lol..

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patrickmajor patrickmajor

In response to “why does it make us look hot? :s Its just...

Because it kinda just makes you look like you're gonna get down to business... And guys have sexy arms.

+3131 Reply

ItsBritniBetch ItsBritniBetch

In response to “Because it kinda just makes you look like...

not all guys have sexy arms

+15161 Reply

BaconIsGoodForMe BaconIsGoodForMe

In response to “not all guys have sexy arms

That's true. But the ones that do, that's what makes it sexy for guys to push up their sleeves.

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ItsBritniBetch ItsBritniBetch

In response to “Because it kinda just makes you look like...

Getting down to defeat the huns?

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In response to “why does it make us look hot? :s Its just...

Because guys have sexy arms :X

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In response to “why does it make us look hot? :s Its just...

Well, let me ask, why did you choose that picture for your profile? You had to have thought you looked good in it. Just look at your sleeves!

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Sometimes I'm just really hot and you can't really take off a long sleeved shirt can you? But yeah, it makes you look a little bit dykin

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BaconIsGoodForMe BaconIsGoodForMe

I still roll up my sleeves though :D

+231 Reply

lecornergirl lecornergirl

And if he has a sexy deep voice and a nice body... oh Lord.

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JennaGee JennaGee

the problem with girls arms is that they're either hairy and gross or hairless and creepy

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In response to “the problem with girls arms is that they're...

So in your world girls aren't allowed to even wear short sleeves because God forbid you should have to witness the hair levels of their arms?

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In response to “So in your world girls aren't allowed to even...

No, girls can wear strapless, short sleeves, half sleeves or whatever they want, It only looks stupid when they have long sleeves and they push them up.

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Moon_Shoes OP

In response to “No, girls can wear strapless, short sleeves...

Wtf? That doesn't make any sense.

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In response to “Wtf? That doesn't make any sense.

I just think that when girls have there sleeves up they look stupid because the shirt isn't meant to be that way, yet for some reason, it looks amazing on guys.

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Moon_Shoes OP

In response to “So in your world girls aren't allowed to even...

Sorry, you must be on your period, but I am just not into chick's creepy arms.

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Well ****! I'm a girl and always roll up my selaves... Can't girls have sexy arms too?

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TwinkleToes TwinkleToes

I've never thought that rolled-up sleeves on a girl was remotely unattractive! Where does this madness come from?

+1919 Reply


I wasn't aware that I look like an idiot.

+2121 Reply

morethanyoudeserve morethanyoudeserve

I didn't know it was extremely attractive. You girls are freaks.

+13141 Reply

Daemoine Daemoine

I had no idea that was so attractive. I'll have to remember this...

+1010 Reply

DaAce96 DaAce96

In response to “I had no idea that was so attractive. I'll...

It makes you look like you're getting ready for business. eue

+44 Reply

ClaireTheBozo ClaireTheBozo

...I will never understand girls... And quite frankly, I don't want to...

+341 Reply


I roll up my sleeves and I'm a girl...

+1111 Reply

thecatwhocopies thecatwhocopies

awww i wasnt aware i looked like an idiot ahh well im quite a boy anyways

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I can't imagine ever getting hot and bothered by a guy pushing/rolling up his sleeves, unless the guy made me feel that way already. Also, I've never had or heard of anyone having an aversion to girls doing so until now. I'm totally baffled as to how this got so much positive response...

+341 Reply

Black_No_1 Black_No_1

Girl don't look like idiots with their sleeves rolled up if they have style and their outfit looks good.

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What I mean with this post is that if a guy has a long sleeved shirt and they push it up, they look amazing. If a girl has a sweater or something on, and she pushes up the sleeves, it looks stupid. However, I think that those shirts that have the sleeves rolled up already with a little button hook to keep them up look great on girls and guys. I didn't mean that girls can't wear any short sleeved shirts. But when a guy has really buff arms, and they roll up/push up the sleeves it looks amazingly sexy.

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Moon_Shoes OP

Am I the only who somehow doesn't find it sexy for guys to roll up their sleeves? Does everyone have some kind of arm fetish? :P

+451 Reply


*Slowly pulls sleeves back down because she now feels self-conscious*

+2121 Reply

Trazzz Trazzz

i waaaasss gunna yeah you are this post cuz its true guys do look hot with sleeves pushed up buuuut then i read that girls look stupid when doing that and i don't think so; its comfortable

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I am a girl to and I didn't push up my sleeves until I saw that William Moseley and one of my class mates who is a boy also rolled up their sleeves. So I was bored, and decided to copy what they did. I don't think he has caught on yet that I am copying what he is doing! :) I am sort of a boy too, I mean I act like that and I act like a girl also, but I HATE wearing skin tight shirts or anything "Girly"...

-33 Reply

Tom Girl

I'm a guy I roll my sleeves up almost all the time. I like the action man look.

+22 Reply


I have to say I HATE the look on guys too. It's just strikes me as extremely stupid regardless of your gender. It's too hot, you say? Well then why not watch the Weather channel or check the forecast before you get dressed? Or better yet, just buy some long-sleeves made for warmer climates (thinner fabrics). Mind you, of course, I wear long-sleeves all year long, and I NEVER roll them up, and I'm a guy with fairly nice arms. If I really wanted to show off my arms or dress for weather, I'd wear short sleeves or sleeveless. Perhaps it's because I'm an old soul at heart, but the concept of rolling up sleeves is just lost on me.

-44 Reply


I'm a guy and I like looking at Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid Movies with his sleeves rolled up
and pushed up.

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