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It's kind of annoying when people try to make plans over Facebook on their wall. You can use FB chat or send a private message... stop trying to get attention by flaunting how you are hanging out with someone, amirite?

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Sorry but if sering people make plans makes you feel insecure then that's your problem not theirs.

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runnerdude runnerdude


Sorry but if sering people make plans makes you feel insecure then that's your problem not theirs.

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runnerdude runnerdude

Tagging people in your status is the epitome of this. It's like... Shut up.

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PeanutButterBrownies PeanutButterBrownies

its their facebook and they can do whatever they want with it...and out of all the annoying things people do on facebook, this annoys you the most?

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soberlikekesha soberlikekesha

Girl: hay, we shuld liek tots hang out
Guy: ok
Girl: we can also have copious amounts of sexual intercourse
Guy: ok

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Ridge Ridge

It's on a level with "out wif ma girls at the club woooo lol havin a great time! xxx" I'm sorry, but if you're on Facebook when you're out with friends, your outing must suck a lot of ****.

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In response to “It's pathetic really. Basically, it's saying...

Why is that so looked down upon? Like someone else earlier said, "It's their facebook and they can do what they want with it." what does it say about YOU, who is sitting there and getting angry while reading about other people... also if you hate such people, why friend them online, you can remove them.

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KickAss KickAss

In response to “Why is that so looked down upon? Like someone...

It doesn't say anything about me, because I find it vaguely amusing how insecure some people are. It's looked down on because you could text the person, inbox them, call them, whatever - not make plans that you know everyone can see on their news feed. That's what they do it - because everyone can see it, and let's everyone know they're doing something with someone else and have a social life.
Why they feel the need to do so - beyond chronic insecurity - is beyond me, but it can get very irritating.
And the people who are protesting against that likely do it themselves.

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In response to “It doesn't say anything about me, because I...

Yes you could text the person, inbox them, call them, OR announce it to the world, they chose to ask their friend by announcing to the world. How they choose to ask is their prerogative... Looking at it under the same scrutiny any other way would sound just as dumb, I would think you were a terrorist, why would you not announce it to the world? Are you planning on killing someone? What do you have to hide? You're also not looking at yourself, why do you find it mildly amusing that others are insecure? It could be a number of causes, they could have been abused as a child, raped, beaten and here you are in need of others insecurity to gain self assurance.

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KickAss KickAss

I sometimes say to someone, "Wanna hang out?"
Then we make plans in the comment section

Sorry, didn't realize that I'm SUCH a bragger because I wrote on someone elses wall.

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My friend and I only have conversations on each other's walls, we don't ever use chat.
If somebody who happens to be friends with me on Facebook finds it annoying, then they shouldn't read it, it's not like I'm making them.

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K_Steezy K_Steezy

I really don't see this as a problem. The facebook wall was created so that people could write on it, and they do, so maybe you should just unfriend or unsubscribe to the people that do this if it annoys you that much.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

Get off Facebook if you don't like people writing on each others wall, like its a crime? Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. What about people who don't have a phone? Or people who live far from each other? I don't know that just makes you sound like a hater an really mad over that ? Come on now.

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catalina catalina

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