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The beep test sucks, amirite?

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Okay, is this like the pacer? Where you have to run from point A to point B in an increasingly short amount of time?

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RunThePacific RunThePacific


That's why I'm taking "gym" online this summer.

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Ram27 Ram27

In response to “That's why I'm taking "gym" online...

Online gym, haha.

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CherryBlossom CherryBlossom

idk what that is

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kay_nic1695 kay_nic1695

I feel like I'm the only person in the world that actually loves the beep test.

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coolstory coolstory

lul i'm a fatteh and I can't get more than 20

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What's the beep test?

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LittleRed LittleRed

In response to “What's the beep test?

It's basically a test of fitness. You have a space of 10m (I think). Once you hear the beep, you have to get to the other end before the second beep. The beeps start of quite slow and then gradually increase in pace.

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dan94 dan94

In response to “It's basically a test of fitness. You have a...

Weird, I've never even heard of that.

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LittleRed LittleRed

Okay, is this like the pacer? Where you have to run from point A to point B in an increasingly short amount of time?

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RunThePacific RunThePacific

In response to “Okay, is this like the pacer? Where you have...

It's the exact same, it's just called something different in other areas.

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In response to “It's the exact same, it's just called...

Oh, ok. It makes sense now.

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RunThePacific RunThePacific

Ugh, I hate that thing! Afterwards I always feel like throwing up and my gym teacher is mean to people who get a low score.

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That haunts my memories of lax and athletics training.

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Cedz Cedz

ahh i love how most of us knew exactly what you were talking about, even though it's so random!

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I love kentucky because they don't give a shit about our physical health

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saxybandgeek saxybandgeek

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