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It would be funny to do the reverse.
Student: May I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: I don't know, may you?
Student: . . . .

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needsomesleep needsomesleep


Guess it's not bathroom time either.

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Shadi Shadi

You're telling me that when you absolutely HAVE to go to the bathroom during class, you don't mind it when you "can't," but you "may" ?

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Hayley Hayley OP

In response to “You're telling me that when you absolutely...

Well... It's the way I was taught to ask questions, so I don't mind.

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Tweetbaby14 Tweetbaby14

It would be funny to do the reverse.
Student: May I go to the bathroom?
Teacher: I don't know, may you?
Student: . . . .

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needsomesleep needsomesleep

If your teacher says that, reply "yes" & pretend to pee right then & there & then as you walk away, point at the floor & tell her she/he should clean it up Lol! Its better when the teacher is behind a desk or something & cant see the direct floor. :b

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Nika Nika

My first day of kindergarten. I had to pee 100x bad. I asked my friend to ask for teacher because I am very shy. She didn't so I got super mad. So, after lunch time, we make the letter T in sign language for toilet. I did that and then the tracer just stared at me. -_-

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rasberrystrawberry rasberrystrawberry

In 3rd grade I was super shy, and I had a man teacher. So whenever I would get the courage to ask "can I please go to the bathroom" he would say the same thing. I had absolutely no idea what he meant and always answered "yes?"

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That's when you say; "Yup, I believe I can." and walk out.

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