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Then "I coulda done that!"

"Then why did you ask me?"

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ultispy ultispy


Then "I coulda done that!"

"Then why did you ask me?"

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ultispy ultispy

In response to “Then "I coulda done that!" "Then...

That is EXACTLY the conversation I had with my mom half an hour ago.

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ShadowCrystal ShadowCrystal

or facebook them ;)

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Not even that! I'll just walk two steps closer to their room and scream "DINNER!"
Gets the job done.

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asleepfromday asleepfromday

I just did that fifteen minutes ago.

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PalindromeIsMe PalindromeIsMe

haha this is so true

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This post is more fun when you replace the __ with an explicative. "****! IT'S TIME FOR DINNER!"

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happens everynight wen will they lern

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i do the same thing, only with my dad instead of a sibling.

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