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Marching band way of thinking : if i kill you, there will be a hole in the show, amirite?

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Or.. "You're in the wrong spot. You die."
Although that's more a color guard way of thinking.
Judges, now, those would be fun to hit. :D

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runningwithscissors runningwithscissors


Haha that applies to show choir, too. Trust me.

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OHdarling OHdarling


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bookfreak bookfreak

I have lots of these grudges. haha

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BDub BDub

I'd kill them anyway. Fix the interval = hole gone. You're way of thinking is now null and void.

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MoTweezy MoTweezy

In response to “I'd kill them anyway. Fix the interval =...

That's not always doable; in a block or in a specific formation (e.g. spelling certain letters) with few people, a whole is hard to hide.

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saturnlite88 saturnlite88

you could always use an alternate

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In response to “you could always use an alternate

Then you have tiny bands like my schools that don't have alternates.

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In response to “????????

marching bands march shows, it's what makes them a marching band, and every person is important because they help make up the picture. and if you kill a member of the marching band, then there will be a "hole" and the picture won't be complete.

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laskittlesxo laskittlesxo

i love this!

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Or.. "You're in the wrong spot. You die."
Although that's more a color guard way of thinking.
Judges, now, those would be fun to hit. :D

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runningwithscissors runningwithscissors

Not to far off from acting.
"If I kill you, i'll look like an idiot talking to myself"
If they still make the person preform without an understudy...

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In response to “Not to far off from acting. "If I kill...

Unless it was like, right before the show, I feel like it'd be easier to get another actor than it would be to get someone to fill in for a marching band member.

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True! Kill them AFTER Marching season is over!!

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MM3315 MM3315

I have thought that approximately sixteen times today about one kid. Finally our section leader just told him to STFU and I almost applauded.

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midnightcookies midnightcookies

Oh how I love marching band. Had my 1st competition of the year on Saturday. My new band director is awful though. In the past, we're brought home 1st place at every competition we were in. On Saturday, we only got 2nd place color guard and 2nd place drum major. I balled my eyes out like a little baby.

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In response to “Oh how I love marching band. Had my 1st...

Either you misspelt 'bawled', or you're giving "fun time in the mouth"s wrong.

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TheLycanLady TheLycanLady

Anyone else bugged by the space before the colon? It's kinda ironic because that just left an unnecessary hole in that sentence.

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ThatDylanGuy ThatDylanGuy

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