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The Princess and the Frog was one of the scariest classic Disney movies with all the creepy voodoo creatures. amirite?

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Oh, that's why you thought it was scary.
I was thinking it was scary cause of the negroes.

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Coday Coday


Classic? ._.

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Butts Butts

In response to “Classic? ._.

It's the closest to a classic Disney has had in a long time.

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Anonymous OP

In response to “It's the closest to a classic Disney has had...

That doesn't make it a classic.. Princess movie does not equal classic Disney film.

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In response to “Classic? ._.

it is classified as an original/classic Disney movie.

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528491 528491

Oh, that's why you thought it was scary.
I was thinking it was scary cause of the negroes.

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Coday Coday

They all have their scary elements. Beauty and the beast terrified me, lion king with those damn singing hyenas in the elephants grave yard, 101 dalmations with cruella deville and that laugh and threatening to club and skin puppies. (And THOSE are classics btw)

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deeviant deeviant

I refuse to consider that a classic.

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Montana Montana

The Little Mermaid also had its share of creepiness with those souls Ursula stole. Same with Hades and the undead in Hercules and such.

Off topic: We need MOAR hand drawn movies like this, not some teen sitcom crap, 3D CGI movies and so on, TRADITIONAL ANIMATION FTW!

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MrTie MrTie

It is reminiscent of a classic Disney movie, but it is not one. However, I did enjoy it and wish more movies were made like it.

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thegirlyouknew thegirlyouknew

poor unfortunate souls - ursula

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mr_e mr_e

Alice in Wonderland was freaky to me. All the Disney movies had their scary elements.
The Lion King -the stampede and the moment Mufasa died
The Little Mermaid - the final battle and Poor Unfortunate Souls
Fantasia- the end with the freakin' Devil torturing people
Just to name a few. They all had scary moments but I don't think Princess and the Frog was any worse than the others.

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fangirl12 fangirl12

Um. Anyone forget Hunchback of Notre know...where you can hear people being TORTURED in the background?

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In response to “Um. Anyone forget Hunchback of Notre...

And Paris set on fire, and a sadistic judge threatining a girl to sleep with him or die, the Hellfire song alone was pretty scary.

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fangirl12 fangirl12


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