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There are those times where you want to be like, "Screw homework! I'm becoming a hobo,", amirite?

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When I was a kid I wanted to be a hobo when I grew up.

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AWill AWill



okay i made my facebook status this last night.
that is so werid...

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QuaintPancakes QuaintPancakes

In response to “:o okay i made my facebook status this last...

That is super weird.. Haha.

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broadwaygleek broadwaygleek OP

I've said these exact words before.

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mahnamahna mahnamahna

Screw work! I'm going to live on welfare!

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StarKid StarKid

i have so much homework i want to die and just quit school and live my life as a hobo.

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TheRedSharpie TheRedSharpie

Today i was supposed to be studying from the moment I got home to 9:30. I haven't even started it...

I feel like I should punish myself on how unproductive i'm being. This has happened all week and I actually need to get AHEAD of my studies because i'm going to be gone for 2 weeks.....


Screw this. I'm becoming a hobo. XD

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I usually say "screw homework, I'm becoming a stripper" but whatever works for you I guess...

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FuckingAwesome FuckingAwesome

When I was a kid I wanted to be a hobo when I grew up.

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AWill AWill

For me it's a specific hobo, I want to be a beach ****!

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Sqwancho Sqwancho

Come on, you have to do your homework as a hobo too: the best garbage cans to raid, the most inexpensive prostitutes, the most comfortable box to sleep in. It's not as easy as you think.

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julieL julieL

In response to “Come on, you have to do your homework as a...

Ha ha!! Yes it's a very hard job! And you wouldn't have amirite...

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