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Girls, even if thinking about it is sometimes gross and weird, you've masturbated/touched yourself at least once, just to know how it feels like, amirite?

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If you think it's gross or weird then you're probably not mature enough to even be doing it.

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Rebel Rebel


Dude, I once a day. If you haven't done it, you're missing out on some FUN!

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"just to know what it feels like"?? Sweetie, thats a natural thing....

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If you think it's gross or weird then you're probably not mature enough to even be doing it.

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Rebel Rebel

wtf only once? all the time!

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annie annie

*faps, posts as anonymous*

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*on a regular basis.

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GolfWang GolfWang

I do and it feels awesome. Makes me feel kinda dirty though.

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I've been doing it at least once daily since I was probably 13. Nothing gross or weird about it. It's **** fantastic.

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PracticeSafeLunch33 PracticeSafeLunch33

I really don't think anyone can get you off as well as you can yourself.

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SamanthaaJ SamanthaaJ

No one knows what I like better than me:)

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It's not weird or gross, it's natural and awesome.

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silvershadow6 silvershadow6

It feels damn good. To be honest it relieves stress for me, I don't understand how someone wouldn't do it because it's just natural.

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Liloquand Liloquand

All day. Erryday.

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JoyStar JoyStar

At least twice a day everyday since I was 12!;D

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