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Your high school picture seems gets better every year. amirite?

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No, it's like a bell curve. In grade school I was adorable and cute and then 7th/8th grade hit and those pictures were just so gross. Then by high school I started to look nice again.

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Mary Mary


OH MY GOD yes.
My picture for 9th grade last year was awful--bedhead, bad choice in clothing, and I looked like I just got out of bed and went to school xD

But for this year, I actually look pretty decent c:

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Katze Katze

In response to “OH MY GOD yes. My picture for 9th grade last...

Nect year you will be beautiful and then the year after that you will look SMEXY!!!!!

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sugarbaby sugarbaby

People's grammar seems gets worse every day.

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Yeah, they're still hideous though.

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GolfWang GolfWang

Nope. My freshman year photo was rather decent, but then my sophomore year picture was so terrible that I made a point of still using my freshman year ID instead of the new one. I actually quite like my junior year photo, though.

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AwkwardMoments1 AwkwardMoments1

No, it's like a bell curve. In grade school I was adorable and cute and then 7th/8th grade hit and those pictures were just so gross. Then by high school I started to look nice again.

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Mary Mary

My last year was worst, cuz I went supa dupa high and I might have handicapped my mental capacity for that day and looked brain dead

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KickAss KickAss

I agree with you, but I have to dislike this post because of your lack of proper grammar.

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My best picture was actually from junior year. The other three all equally sucked.

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Stepharoo Stepharoo

More like each picture got slightly less awful.

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528491 528491

My face looks exactly the same in every photo. The only thing that changes is my hair.

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Kaitlyn Kaitlyn

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