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Why test on animals, when we have rapists and pedophiles in prison, amirite?

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I hope you're joking.

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Pedo_Bear Pedo_Bear


This. They have their rights to movement and life revoked... why not their right to protection against cruel and unusual torture.

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amiwriter amiwriter

I hope you're joking.

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Pedo_Bear Pedo_Bear

In response to “I hope you're joking.

why... you are not getting out of this either way... you are an animal and a **** offender.

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amiwriter amiwriter

In response to “I hope you're joking.


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UrkiN UrkiN

Yeah, rehabilitation of criminals sucks ****. (d)

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Len Len

even though rapists and pedophiles are bad people, they're still people and deserve basic rights such as not to be tested upon against their will.

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MyHotHotJam MyHotHotJam

Something called human rights...

It's easy to make it sound like a super easy process, but you have to take into the account the fact that there are going to be scientists who are going to be paid to basically torture someone, and we don't really have an idea of how that process affects someone.

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Lkun Lkun

You're absolutely right... we should stop testing on animals until all the rapist and pedophiles are free!

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TheBlindMan TheBlindMan

Well they could do case studies perhaps (this is with the assumption that they've consented and they understand what's going on and the dangers)
However to blindly test on other people is inhumane and wrong regardless of what these people have done.
We don't need to hurt someone to help someone else.

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Naggs Naggs

Maybe because it's cruel and unusual punishment? >.<

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In response to “Maybe because it's cruel and unusual...

I was just about to say that, but we are so in sync. (quote from asdfmovie)

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budgerigar42 budgerigar42

I think that the parents involved in this should have every drug tested on them.;id=8818741

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Just because they have made poor moral choices does not mean we are allowed to take their human dignity. They are people just like everyone else.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

And there is always a possibility that some of them were wrongfully convicted.

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rewindthissong rewindthissong

im ok with testing on pedophiles but not rapists. "rapists" implies they raped an adult not a child

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