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Why does Anthony have a report button on his page? It's not like he's going to ban himself from his own website, amirite?

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It would be more effort to take it out than having it there.

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Because it'd be a pain to code when he could just leave it as it is.

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It would be more effort to take it out than having it there.

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Expelliarmus Expelliarmus

In response to “I DARE YOU TO PRESS IT.

If I were him, I'd make my own report button link to deactivate the account.

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In response to “If I were him, I'd make my own report button...

If you were Anthony? LOL yeah that would be pretty cool.

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Expelliarmus Expelliarmus

For when he has a clone sent back from the future to ban his account in the nearby present to stop the world from ending because one day he will try to take it over but will ultimately end up causing its destruction, and will see the error of his ways--

Or because it's just too much work. Yea.

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DropXDead DropXDead

I think someone has tried to report him before, not knowing who he was, for jokingly asking for nudes. I loled.

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LordTrolldemort LordTrolldemort

In response to “I think someone has tried to report him...

Yeah haha...jokingly... (wary)

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DropXDead DropXDead

I think we should get everyone on this website to press it at once and see what happens :)

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PeanutButterBrownies PeanutButterBrownies

In response to “I think we should get everyone on this...

What happens is the mods get the reports and ignore it.

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In response to “What happens is the mods get the reports and...

I know that, i just think it would be pretty funny

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PeanutButterBrownies PeanutButterBrownies

It's for when Anthony 2.0 is released, so we won't need him anymore.

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Mario Mario

"Mods, I request removal of this account for being 20% more awesome than the legal awesome limit."

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Garren_the_Dragon Garren_the_Dragon

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