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It's hard to update your Facebook status on your birthday without seeming like a douchebag. You want to let people know it's your birthday, but you can't just say, "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY LOLOL," amirite?

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Last year I posted "Happy birthday Miley Cyrus! Why do I share a bday with you?" as my status.

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Well, my birthday was on the day that I took the SATS and that gigantic East Coast Storm (March 13, 2010), so my status was "How much worse can my birthday get?"

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

In response to “Well, my birthday was on the day that I took...

My birthday's today and it's pretty much the best day to have a birthday so I can't really say anything. :/

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Max Max OP

In response to “My birthday's today and it's pretty much the...

Well then, happy birthday!

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

Btw, happy birthday (l)

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Butts Butts

say: it feels so weird being (insert your new age here)

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Type something like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY (insert name)! - Love, (Insert friends name). ;)

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In response to “Type something like "HAPPY BIRTHDAY...

Lol but I don't have friends.

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Max Max OP

In response to “Lol but I don't have friends.

pretend you do. and if you want to make it seem REALLY real, then you could even make a fake account of some girl and pretend you two are friends. eh, eh? :D

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Augh. There was this one girl on facebook who updated her status every day, telling us how many days left, what she was doing, and what she wanted. This went on for two weeks and then several days afterward. :|

This is doing it wrong.

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Ezio Ezio

On my birthday I plan to put "Today I begin my 16th journey around the sun!"

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ashnicoleluvsblg ashnicoleluvsblg

In response to “On my birthday I plan to put "Today I...

I made a post about that a while ago... That was my plan for my birthday too by the way.

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ConnorNoonan ConnorNoonan

Oh god, no. My wall's turned into a **** when it's my birthday. Some people even actually greet me on the WRONG day. It's damn annoying.

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O_o O_o

Last year I posted "Happy birthday Miley Cyrus! Why do I share a bday with you?" as my status.

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you can always do "thanks for the birthday wishes!"

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mollyt mollyt

You don't need to say!Facebook already does it for you!:)

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Moonlight Moonlight

coimbatore dj s rock????????????????????????????????hi guys enjoi

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Brett Tanner

sayy....its my birthday!! finnally im gunna have soo much fun at my party 2night

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