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This was a poster on Roflrazzi.
Nice try.

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Katffro Katffro

Mirror Coat!

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wobbuffet wobbuffet

Also on comixed

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Paigachu Paigachu

Lolz good job at reading something online. But wait, he also typed it! can't you find a place to steal things from that people don't normally go to?

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BronySystem BronySystem

In response to “Lolz good job at reading something online...

Don't you have something better to do with your time than .. well this? Do I feel as though you don't even comprehend how pathetic you seem. "Hey! I've seen that somewhere else on the internet! * ** *" Like. Shut up. Get a job. Make your life have a purpose. Get off your lazy ** and do something with your life.

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In response to “Don't you have something better to do with...

Coming from the guy who was too lazy to make an account? Dude, stfu, people do this shit all the time. It just pisses me off that people go to popular websites and expect people to go all, "Oh lol he's so funny!" So, yeah, I have a life, in fact, I don't even go to amirite that much. Oh and by the way, "Like" isn't a sentence. It doesn't even have any usage when used alone... unless you go on facebook...

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BronySystem BronySystem

In response to “Don't you have something better to do with...

Oh and btw, check my posts for a minute. I don't have any copies from different websites or videos except for ONE. Well, one and a half if you consider changing around some words... I at least credited that work. And the one that I copied from a video got a negative score. I deserved that because I was stealing credit from someone. These people post unoriginal posts and get homepaged and I post my own original posts and get a max of 20-30 votes. That's the problem with this website.

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BronySystem BronySystem

In response to “Oh and btw, check my posts for a minute. I...

I agree, that is a problem, but most people haven't read the unoriginal material before. Personally, I think the posts based off Pokemon battles are shit, but that's just me.

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Courage_Wolf Courage_Wolf

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