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You know what Vocaloid is and love it, amirite?

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Matryoshka <3

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alice of human sacrifice

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Domino Domino

Miku and Rin!

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Sounds like a drug.

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Kaitooo!! <3

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i just googled it.
stupid anime me into googling it.

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “i just googled it. *sigh* stupid anime...

Liking a program represented by anime characters hardly makes someone an anime freak. And I didn't know normal people still used asterisks to show what they were doing.

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In response to “Liking a program represented by anime...

I just went straight to images, but i see now that it's some sort of music maker/entertainment thingy.
yeah, I think I remember seeing this on youtube. So scary, a hologram of a anime character performing a character

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “I just went straight to images, but i see now...

Hardly. That's only a recent development. It's a program similar to Microsoft Sam in that it's text to speech, but it's different in that you can tell it where you want its pitch, and it'll sing for you. It's hard to do, but some people can actually make them sound like real humans. They're not anime characters - they're only represented by them.

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In response to “Hardly. That's only a recent development...

I saw it on youtube with a crowd of people treating it as if it was a real concert?
Japan's dependence on technology is scary, and may Japan recover from the horrible earthquake/tsunami tragedy.

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

In response to “I saw it on youtube with a crowd of people...

Only after years of Vocaloid gaining their fandom did they come out with the hologram concerts. That's not what Vocaloid is - it's what Vocaloid has done, but it's not what Vocaloid is. Vocaloid is the voice synthesizer program and it's represented by the characters. And honestly, you're saying that if there were a hologram show of some kind near you, you wouldn't be excited?Also, the only group people not flipping their shit about the ~tragedy~ is Japan. The families are, but Japan as a whole is used to earthquakes and tsunamis. Granted, this was the biggest yet, but they know how to handle it.

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In response to “Only after years of Vocaloid gaining their...

well the media made it sound pretty big.
I live in san francisco and I have only encountered 1 "real" earthquake.

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TalkingRice TalkingRice

i no wat it is but i dont luv it

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In response to “i no wat it is but i dont luv it

I love it but don't know what it is.

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albinostickman albinostickman

Matryoshka <3

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In response to “Matryoshka <3

I love you. :D

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Butts Butts

Look at my picture. You decide if I love it.

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ThePuppetWithWings ThePuppetWithWings

Weeaboo bait.

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Miku is Overrated

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