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You hate it when you accidentally turn your friend into an ice-cream cone and then he starts to melt, amirite?

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I'm watching that episode right now too. :P

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BodaciousNoodles BodaciousNoodles


I'm watching that episode right now too. :P

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BodaciousNoodles BodaciousNoodles

I just watched it, too!!

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wotcherfly wotcherfly

In response to “I just watched it, too!!

Well I mean it's SpongeBob. If you don't like SpongeBob, then you are not Human.

...Or you just don't have any sense of humor.

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OptimusPrime69 OptimusPrime69 OP

In response to “Well I mean it's SpongeBob. If you don't like...

I'm 16 and still a (proud) Spongebob watcher :)

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somewhere_I_belong somewhere_I_belong

In response to “Agreed!


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OptimusPrime69 OptimusPrime69 OP

And it's even worse when your other best friend keeps trying to eat him

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BeautifulNightmare BeautifulNightmare

I knoooow that happened to me yesterday!
Then I went to this guy who was supposedly a real magician to turn him back but nooooo it was just an old dude trying to make money.

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In response to “I knoooow that happened to me...

Like Stupid Male Hookers...

Everyone thinks they're magical...then hits you

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OptimusPrime69 OptimusPrime69 OP

I win! I'm 24 and I still watch Spongebob. And I have Spongebob PJs. :)

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then someone ends up slipping on him.

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In response to “then someone ends up slipping on him.

I hate when my melted friend gets slipped on...

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OptimusPrime69 OptimusPrime69 OP

In response to “I hate when my melted friend gets slipped on...

I hate it when I have to put him in my old toe nail clippings jar.

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In response to “IT'S TERRIBLE D:

It's like getting a black eye by someone with a tiny green hat.

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I voted to homepage this. And I favorited it when it was on the just in page. You're welcome. <3 :D

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I was watching that episode today too :) !!!

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Omg i legit almost died from wombo-ing when i read this

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