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Snow White and the 7 dwarfs was actually based upon cocaine & the 7 dwarfs were each side effects from the drug. amirite?

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Explain doc

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Explain doc

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In response to “Explain doc

And bashful....? Unless you do get bashful - im clean :)

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StaceysDad StaceysDad

In response to “Explain doc

It screws up your health, and you go to the Doc? Ok, it's a stretch :P

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jetaime jetaime

In response to “It screws up your health, and you go to the...

But that's really the point of Doc. Seven signs of addiction, starting with Dopey and Happy I think? And ending when you finally admit you have a problem and go to the doctor for help (or are forced into rehab).

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StacytheHarlot StacytheHarlot

In response to “Explain doc

Doc is meant to represent Rehab.

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chrisheffernan773 chrisheffernan773

In response to “

That's just people trying to bash disney and they're intentionally trying to find fault. I mean, do you honestly believe that Snow White was based around drugs?

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ArnoldVanDerWalt ArnoldVanDerWalt

In response to “That's just people trying to bash disney and...

(ArnoldVan Der Walt): I voted no way lol

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In response to “(ArnoldVan Der Walt): I voted no way lol

ah sorry i'm on amirite mobile and can't see who voted what

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ArnoldVanDerWalt ArnoldVanDerWalt

In response to “That's just people trying to bash disney and...

This is not a Disney original. It was a broadway show before a Disney movie. The broadway show is where they actually get their names.

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rachelhallberg rachelhallberg

In response to “

I was just about to post a link to that!

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invisiblegirl invisiblegirl

In response to “I was just about to post a link to that!

Great minds think alike. ha.

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Could you explain to me how cocaine makes you sleepy?

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It was actually a Grimm Brothers story.

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most of the disney things have a twisted thing behind them. Snow White: prostitute Dwarves: her seven lovers

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1koolkoko 1koolkoko

So stupid.

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Kevinmat Kevinmat

In response to “So stupid.

Take this seriously, Kevin

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MikePullam OP

Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, and Sneezy. If you actually knew anything about cocaine, you'd realize none of these fit.

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monstrosity monstrosity

In response to “Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Doc, Happy, Bashful...

But, it's homepaged.

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MikePullam OP

It's the withdraw symptoms, not nesscarley (yes, I know I spelt that wrong) from coke though.

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awesomesocks awesomesocks


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BobWilson BobWilson

In response to “*dwarves

Actually, Disney spells is incorrectly as "dwarfs," so technically OP is right.

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In response to “Actually, Disney spells is incorrectly as...

Sorry, my mistake, I have been reading 'The Hobbit'.

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BobWilson BobWilson

How is "doc" a side affect?

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lyenlion lyenlion

Interesting. I thought snow white was a medieval, or even older, story.

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Murkrow Murkrow

Snow White was like, fourteen in the original story.
And I always thought the ending scenes, with the castle in the clouds, was her dying and going to heaven, and the scene where she's on the horse and the prince is leading her, was her journey there.
Yeah, I was a weird kid.

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actually Disney considered several other names

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528491 528491

Disney had a lot of hidden messages.. Alison in wonderland was trippy as shit. The bunny. Was said to be on coke the catapillar said to be smoking pot and just a bunch of stuff they had to be on something when writing it.

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forever27 forever27

In response to “Disney had a lot of hidden messages.. Alison...

You mean Alice in Wonderland and they were on LSD while writing it

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I believe in conspiracies. I also believe that fairy tales are miffed and have magic going wrong (like the apple), stereotypical witches that have warts and are old women, and try to place a fear of magic in general.

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