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When you think of sleepwalking, you picture a person walking like a zombie with their arms extended out in front of them, but that probably isn't what actually happens, amirite?

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When I think of sleepwalking, I think of Step Brothers.

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ctiscooler ctiscooler


And they have a sleeping cap on

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Supper4dinner Supper4dinner

I'm a sleepwalker, and it's definitely not like people think! Someone sleepwalking is just like an awake person, except they're in their own little world :) I do normal things while sleepwalking like shower or make myself some food :)

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In response to “I'm a sleepwalker, and it's definitely not...

Same here. I'll try to hold conversations with people, although they don't make any sense. I even made my bed once, which is something I never do when I'm awake.

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pamplemousse94 pamplemousse94

In response to “Same here. I'll try to hold conversations...

I only sleepwalk when I get really stressed and that's exactly what I do. People will think I'm awake, but I'll be just talking about the weirdest stuff.

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Tape Tape

In response to “I'm a sleepwalker, and it's definitely not...

I mass text people when I sleepwalk. I usually wake up with some very confused texts haha

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MasterJ MasterJ

In response to “I'm a sleepwalker, and it's definitely not...

Not kidding, but when I last slept walked, I pissed on my moms bed

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Your_Moms_Boyfriend Your_Moms_Boyfriend

When I think of sleepwalking, I think of Step Brothers.

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ctiscooler ctiscooler

I once woke up in the morning and realized some time during the night I had spread rubbing alcohol all over my legs.It was odd.

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Tape Tape

I used to sleepwalk as a kid. Once I woke up and found myself trying to go to the bathroom in my sock drawer...

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Hectic_Glow Hectic_Glow

I sleep talk/walk, and the last time someone told me about it was at a retreat. I was apparently shaking the bed next to ours, because I just had to tell them about Mark Sanchez.

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PirateQueen PirateQueen

When I used to sleepwalk I would go wash my hands and sit and watch tv. According to my parents, because I don't remember this at all.

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karen_xoxo karen_xoxo

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