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You have wondered how they prevent teenage pregnancy at Hogwarts, and if witches have a better way of dealing with periods, and if they ever take showers since they never mention any showers anywhere in the school, amirite?

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They just stick a wand up their vag and Avada Kavadra the little fucker.

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With the ever useful 'Falconus Punchus' spell ;D

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Lol falcon punch. anyway, harry took a bath with the egg remember? So i figure other people did too... Minus the egg part.

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th3don th3don

"Fetus Deletus!"

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LordThundercunt LordThundercunt

yeah, prefects bath.

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These are really good questions, I wish JKR answered them in the books. I did read a fan fiction where there was a birth control potion and I thought that was funny. In a lot of fan fictions there are bathrooms in the dorms, but none of the questions were addressed in the actual books.

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HarryPotterFan777 HarryPotterFan777

Actually, they have showers in the big bathroms *not the ones like Moaning Mutrle haunt*. They also have pool sized tubs in the prefects bathroom.

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ThisChick ThisChick

Omg, i was just thinking about that yesterday!

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there's an echantment that stops boys from entering girls dorms and they just trust the girls

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Meow :)

Harry bathed only once in seven years. Lol

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Maybe they have birth control spells? They might have potions for that and their periods.
It'd be hard to get laid at Hogwarts anyway because the guys can't get into the girls dorms, someone is almost always in the dorms anyway, and there's a creepy Filch sneeking around everywhere else. The castle is really cold and creepy too, kind of uncomfortable in the less popular spots. Unless they wanna hook up in the forbidden forest or the room of requirement, they don't have a lot of safe places to do it.

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fangirl12 fangirl12

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