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No one truely enjoys solving algebra problems. People aren't out there hosting math parties. amirite?

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It can be pretty satisfying. I'm not gonna lie.

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mchristie mchristie


What?! Nothing's more fun than logs!

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voltaire voltaire

I actually enjoy it sometimes...haha :)

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Pheromones Pheromones

It can be pretty satisfying. I'm not gonna lie.

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mchristie mchristie

In response to “It can be pretty satisfying. I'm not gonna lie.

Ha of course you feel like a genius when you get it :D

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chunch chunch OP

Umm... Yeah, no one... ='(

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Julian Julian

It's kind of a stress reliever for me... but then again, I also like memorizing numbers of pi...

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Baconnoisseur Baconnoisseur

It really is pretty satisfying, can't lie. I didn't use to like math, but now that I get it, it just feels awesome to keep solving the problems and finding the right answer.

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Math is fun sometimes lol. And I do enjoy solving problems when I get them lol.

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...My friend used to bring her Geometry book whenever she came to my house. And it didn't stay in her bag...she did math.

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Dude I freaking love algebra

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ashnicoleluvsblg ashnicoleluvsblg

You'd be surprised.

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Shekilled Shekilled

All the cool kids do

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donpatch donpatch

Well, I don't mind solving Algebra problems, because, hey, Algebra is easy. o:
And, I may not enjoy Trig/Pre Calc stuff right now, but it is pretty satisfying when I do get it. :)
But, yeah, I think I would rather go out and do stuff with my friends rather than stay inside and do math.

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Erin Erin

... I do.

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NotAnonymous NotAnonymous

You kidding? Math is FUN!!!!!

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False. My friends and I have calculus parties at least once a week.

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OHdarling OHdarling

Algebra is incredibly fun. . .statistics on with the other hand is **** awful D:

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