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The 5 biggest lies ever told: "I'm fine", "Seriously, I don't like anyone", "I swear that was my last piece of gum", "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions", and "I left my homework at home, I swear I did it!" amirite?

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And "I swear I thought she was 18!"
Silly Pedos...

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Chris_Hansen Chris_Hansen


also when people say "are you ok?" and you answer "yeah i'm fine"....that's a big lie too.

Funny post, by the way, so true =]

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In response to “also when people say "are you ok?"...

That's what OP said...

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bluegoddess bluegoddess

In response to “also when people say "are you ok?"...

They already said that .

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And "I swear I thought she was 18!"
Silly Pedos...

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Chris_Hansen Chris_Hansen

You're forgetting "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

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WillAkana WillAkana

I've used all five (some multiple times) in the past week.

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I love this because it's so true.

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Allaloo Allaloo

and "yes, I have been flossing regularly"

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Lkun Lkun

You forgot: "No! Of course that doesn't make you look fat, honey!"
Lol :D

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dorantes dorantes

Not everyone likes someone you know...some of us actually have better things to worry about

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littletank littletank

you forgot "i love you".

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totallyawesomeginger totallyawesomeginger

In response to “you forgot "i love you".

I love you

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Loamelia Loamelia

In response to “I love you

oh hey, careful, your pants are kind of on fire... ;)

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totallyawesomeginger totallyawesomeginger

In response to “oh hey, careful, your pants are kind of on...

Pants were never that necessary for me anyways.

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Loamelia Loamelia

So when we take multiple old posts and mix them together, that counts as a new post now? Because every one of these has been posted before in this way, just one at a time.

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oh really? hmm, i didn't know that. sorry(:

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hotchocolate25 hotchocolate25 OP

Facebook group. I just joined this, actually.

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also: "oh i just lost track of time while i was in the shower.."

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"Yeah, I'm on my way right now."
*Still hasn't left house*

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Pretty sure they aren't the 5 BIGGEST lies ever told.

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AntiJokeChicken AntiJokeChicken

You forgot "Yes mom, I ate all my vegetables.", "Your outfit looks fine." and "I never lie."

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muffinmonkey muffinmonkey

Dis should be POTD

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Luv2golf42897 Luv2golf42897

In response to “Dis should be POTD

aww, thank you! (:

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hotchocolate25 hotchocolate25 OP

In response to “aww, thank you! (:

it's very true.....

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Luv2golf42897 Luv2golf42897

Also when you ask people if they're okay, and they say "I'm fine..." aargh soannoying

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Here's another one: "I swear, I didn't get this off of Facebook or any other site, I made it up myself, I swear!"

(I just saw someone become a fan of this on FB, and it wasn't from amirite)

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In response to “Here's another one: "I swear, I didn't...

Or it's a coincidence... Being a facebook group doesn't make it less true. Almost everything's a facebook group now anyways.

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In response to “Here's another one: "I swear, I didn't...

how can you see someone become a fan?

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In response to “how can you see someone become a fan?

it's in your newsfeed

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You know, some people don't like anyone. I've said that before... multiple times. It's really irritating when people don't believe you.

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In response to “You know, some people don't like anyone. I've...

OP wasn't saying that everyone does like someone. I think they were simply stating that it is a VERY frequently told lie. I know I've used it before...(:

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shAvayourface shAvayourface

I love this post ;)

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Gatesss747 Gatesss747

you guys can vote me down but honestly, i dont think this is all that creative. just sayin. theyre all facebook groups and other amirite posts.

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In response to “you guys can vote me down but honestly, i...

it's okay. thanks for your opinion! (:

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"It's just what I wanted." "My printer broke!" "I'm not mad at you."

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muffinmonkey muffinmonkey

Those aren't the BIGGEST lies, just the most common ones. But YYA anyway.

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you forgot " You are definitely the father"

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