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God help you if you are an ugly girl, course being a pretty girl could also be your doom, cause everyone harbors a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room. Amirite?

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This is worded SO BAD

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Meandmycat Meandmycat


When I used to have female friends, they liked to tell me how my life is perfect because I was better looking than them. I want to know how physicality corresponds with the quality of one's life.

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heysoulsister heysoulsister

In response to “When I used to have female friends, they...

It absolutely does. On average, better looking people are more likely to be happy. They're more likely to get hired for a job, or get a boyfriend, and are sometimes even treated with more respect. Unattractive people have to work a tad harder. Of course beauty won't get you into college, or anything major. But being attractive is definitely a huge factor in quality of life.

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Chapstick Chapstick

In response to “It absolutely does. On average, better...

But statistics show that ugly (or at least average) people are much more approachable, so that a beautiful person may have more difficulty making friends and gaining respect due to the stereotype of being stupid and the instant dislike/ jealousy from girls that they have never met or wronged. Depends on how pretty you are of course and things like social intelligence as well, but being pretty can have downsides as well (just not as many as the upsides).

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In response to “It absolutely does. On average, better...

Why did I get downvoted so much...? >_>

And that's not really what I was talking about, but ok. Just because someone is pretty doesn't mean they are any less likely to be abused, lied to, or betrayed, than other people. Doesn't mean they're less likely to have lost a parent or a good friend, or less likely to have been raped or molested. It doesn't mean they have good grades or will get into a good college, or that they will have any true friends.
Being physically attractive does not mean that one's life is perfect. And I really don't think having a job or a boyfriend will make one's life perfect, either.

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heysoulsister heysoulsister

In response to “It absolutely does. On average, better...

And also, you say that physically attractive people are more likely to be respected. Respect that is based on physicality is not respect, it is being attracted to them. Real respect is based on the quality of a person's character, not their physical appearance.

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heysoulsister heysoulsister

It sucks when being good-looking is the only way people will talk to you or like you... but it happens way too often.

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Psh I'd rather be pretty and get hated, people can always find reasons to hate you so it's not like ugly people never get hate.

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528491 528491

And a secret ****.

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Then y'all must hate me.
(You knew someone had to say it)

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This is worded SO BAD

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Meandmycat Meandmycat

In response to “This is worded SO BAD


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528491 528491

In response to “*badly

I knew it didn't sound right! That's what it was...

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Meandmycat Meandmycat

I have a lot of friends who I think are prettier than me. I don't hate the "prettiest girl in the room" and I have no spite twards people like Natalie Portman.
I have also been told I'm pretty, but I don't see how my life is any different because of it (Assuming it's true that is).

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That's why I'm absolutely fine with being average. :)

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Lyra Lyra

Meh I don't hate them , I don't care Or even like them , but if they do some good things and see they are actually a really good person I take an interest ,

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