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Colour, not color, amirite?

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American English is a legitimate dialect. Therefor, both forms are correct. :)

And this isn't directed at the OP, but why do some people get so petty and worked up about this? It's silly.

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indubitably (:

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hungry_hungry_hippo hungry_hungry_hippo

Yeah :D. It's called ENGLISH, the ENGLISH way of spelling is clearly right :)

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well, im not from ENGLAND, but that doesn't take away my right to agree, does it?

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hungry_hungry_hippo hungry_hungry_hippo

i dont know about you guys but i say color because its easier and if im rushing i can type faster and to me it looks cooler1111!!!!!

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American English is a legitimate dialect. Therefor, both forms are correct. :)

And this isn't directed at the OP, but why do some people get so petty and worked up about this? It's silly.

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In response to “American English is a legitimate dialect...

It's only "correct" if you are in a place that allows Americanisms. For example, if I (being in New Zealand) wrote "color" in an English essay, I would lose marks for incorrect spelling.

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Skippy Skippy

In response to “It's only "correct" if you are in a...

That is ridiculous. In the United States, either spelling is accepted.

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In response to “That is ridiculous. In the United States...

Pretty sure it's because the US created it.

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Yami_no_KoHime Yami_no_KoHime

i dont know why... but whenever anyone spells "color" as "colour" ( i use "american english") i end up dragging out the second "o" (example... colo-o-o-ohr)

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exsqueeze_me exsqueeze_me

In response to “i dont know why... but whenever anyone spells...

That's funny because I do the same thing to "color"

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Skippy Skippy

In response to “AUSTRALIA.


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In response to “WOOT!


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In response to “HELL YEAH.

:D aussie pride :D

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XhollyXroseX XhollyXroseX

I find myself automatically writing colour. Color just looks wrong.

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In response to “I find myself automatically writing colour...


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In response to “I find myself automatically writing colour...

(AMIRITEORAMIWRONG?): "Color" looks strange to me, too >.<
If i read it out loud, I say it like colon, but with an R. And that sounds creepy to me.

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Skippy Skippy

Both are correct and perfectly acceptable! This isn't an argument anyone should need to have... They're both correct, so everybody's right unless they say that either spelling is wrong. :)

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A Person :)

And yeah, I know it's not that important, but does everything on this site have to be?

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Can I say faerie, not fairy? :D?

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TailFeathers TailFeathers

In response to “Can I say faerie, not fairy? :D?

Definitely. In fact, most aspiring fantasy writers would bash you over the head for using "fairy" :P

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Distinctions Distinctions

Colour sounds more fancy than color o_o
that is all.

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Danah Danah

Colour ftw!

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Yay controversy. (d)

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SexyMonkey SexyMonkey

Why are people making such a big deal about it? It's not our fault that American English developed like that.

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I never write it as "color" (looks wrong to me), but I No Way'd anyway. Both are correct.

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Alexus Alexus

In response to “I never write it as "color" (looks...

And then you changed it back.

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jeez guys, when you think about it, if the english hadn't settled in America, then you wouldn't even be speaking english! lets show a little respect to the original language, shall we?

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Hey, we Americans fought for our right to spell words however we darn well please.

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Well, yes. Colour is worth more points in Scrabble. >.>

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IchLiebeDich IchLiebeDich

It's like saying "Tomayyto, or tomaahto " . Depending on where you live it may vary, but hey, they're all correct.

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Although I'm American, that's how I usually spell it xD. I also spell 'favorite' as 'favourite' and 'gray' as 'grey'.

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Orangies Orangies

It's a dialect. Saying to an English-speaking audience that "color" is wrong and "colour" is right is like saying to a Spanish-speaking audience that "chevere" is wrong and "que bueno" is right. It's also very disrespectful of the cultures to which the dialects belong.

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Purplatious Purplatious

The word "color" comes from the Latin word "color". the French spelling. The American spelling is more true to the original source of the word.

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Logan Logan

In response to “The word "color" comes from the Latin...

Actually the Latin word "color" comes from the British English word "colour." Time travel is a mysterious thing.

I'm kidding of course.

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Purplatious Purplatious

I live in America, so it is "color" here lol

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I am English. The English language started in my country, therefore all British English spellings are the original and correct, while all others are variations. However, in America, color is correct, so while in proper English it is colour, that is not true the world over

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I'm American, so no. What's the point in putting a "u" in color anyway?

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Devin Devin

In response to “I'm American, so no. What's the point in...

What's the point in removing it?

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Yami_no_KoHime Yami_no_KoHime

I'm American...So it's "color"

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Dami Dami

Well, in proper English it's colour.

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Synyster Synyster

in America, we say "color".

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StephenB StephenB

Stupi British

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TomboyJanet TomboyJanet

Both are right. One is English English, the other is American English. Since I speak American English, I voted the way I speak. But both are correct.

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Ms_Kris Ms_Kris

No color 😒

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In response to “No color 😒

Colour ....

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Synyster Synyster

#Everyone voting no is probably from the US

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Yami_no_KoHime Yami_no_KoHime

I voted this way because I am an American... I should clarify-I voted this way because I know how to spell

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Colour is the correct spelling, not just in the UK, but also in every other English speaking country besides the USA. Americans can spell it any way they choose, but it's annoying when they think their way is the only way to do it, and everyone else is wrong.

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Thedudeyouhatetomeet Thedudeyouhatetomeet

Only if you're speaking American English. Commonwealth English is "colour".

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Walt_OReagun Walt_OReagun

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