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You liked Jesse McCartney better when he was a sweet surfer guy, not trying to be a raper, amirite?

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Either way I agree, but I hope you mean "rapper".

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Either way I agree, but I hope you mean "rapper".

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A raper?

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I do mean rapper...sorry I get those spellings confused. I had it right, but then edited it and changed it. Opps. classic amirite, you have something right, you go back to fix it and it is worng.

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Jorje OP

yeah, i know right.

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Jorje OP

I think we all liked him before he was a "raper".

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umamaniqua umamaniqua

Dude, I hate it when I turn into a raper.

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Vex Vex

Oh, how the lack of one letter can dramatically change a post...

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Ed_ Ed_

I'm YYA'ing this because of Jesse McCartney's apparently attempted career full of rape.

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Julian Julian

I don't like anybody who becomes a raper.

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It wouldn't have been funny if it wasn't raper.

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Rainbows Rainbows

...Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

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Prosopagnosia Prosopagnosia

I have a feeling this is going to be on amiwrong.

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In response to “I have a feeling this is going to be on amiwrong.

I'm going for a second

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Jorje OP


srsly stfu.

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Chapstick Chapstick

Very mature.

-213 Reply

Sgt_Fink Sgt_Fink

In response to “Very mature.

Not as mature as your posts

+99 Reply

wobbuffet wobbuffet

I barely know who that is, but this post wins because the raper thing made me giggle.

+16171 Reply

Black_No_1 Black_No_1

Becoming a raper always ruins musical careers ):

+2222 Reply

LyssaBlau LyssaBlau

The typo is probably why this got homepaged xD

+31312 Reply

Summerstar Summerstar

The whole raper thing is funny, but on a serious note, I love Jesse McCartney.

+12131 Reply

Retooser Retooser

In response to “The whole raper thing is funny, but on a...

I love him too!!!! I'm just disappointed wit his new music.

+22 Reply

Jorje OP

In response to “I love him too!!!! I'm just disappointed wit...

I think his new music is okay. Leavin' was good, but the rest of it was just average. I like his old music better.

+44 Reply

Retooser Retooser

In response to “I think his new music is okay. Leavin' was...

Yeah, same here. How do you sleep was, okayish too.

+22 Reply

Jorje OP

I knew he didn't want me and my beautiful soul.. he wanted in my pants!

+323423 Reply

JennaGee JennaGee

He didn't want any of our beautiful souls, he wanted to get in our pants. Screw "Why don't you kiss her?" More like "Why don't you do her?" He might has well have become a raper with how bad his new music is. I'd be happier if he sang the same and was a **** offender than was an R&B singer (which he fails at) and a virgin. And that was a tactful typo.

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Jorje OP

this wouldn't have comments if it didnt say raper

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haha, i know, most epic typo i've ever made.

+1010 Reply

Jorje OP

Holy shit I actually googled Jesse McCartney to find out if he really raped somebody thanks to your post.

+55 Reply

D_Sexy D_Sexy

In response to “Holy shit I actually googled Jesse McCartney...

rotf! that is flippin' hilarious. Sorry!

+77 Reply

Jorje OP

Paul over Jesse!

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__________ __________

Oh god haha I hope you don't mind if I screenshot this and post it on Facebook. xD

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In response to “Oh god haha I hope you don't mind if I...

go ahead, I was put on amiwrong without consent (but it was one of those things that two post next to each other that didn't belong were together) so go ahead. Tell me what people say though please!

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Jorje OP

In response to “go ahead, I was put on amiwrong without...

Umm so far a few people just liked it because it was late at night when I put it up lol

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In response to “Umm so far a few people just liked it because...

wow, i feel special. haha.

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Jorje OP

haha bed intruder Jesse McCartney

+22 Reply

BobTheLog BobTheLog

In response to “haha bed intruder Jesse McCartney

hide yo kids hide yo wife cuz i can't rape...oh I meant rap.

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Jorje OP

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