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Weed is not a drug, its just a plant and if you happen to set it on fire.. There are some effects, amirite?

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A drug is any mind/body-altering substance. Weed is in fact a drug, just like tobacco, alcohol, penecillin, acetaminophen, caffein, etc. Legal or not, it is a drug.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad


then the penecilin is not a drug either because it is just bread mold.

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In response to “no i guess not

DRUGS ARE WHACK, but **** on the other hand?...

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In response to “Aided ****?

Yes, aids

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thc is most certainly a drug

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Lol Katt. Good stuff.


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(: i totally agree,
and more people should view drugs this way. Drugs aren't really as bad as people make them out to be.

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In response to “(: i totally agree, and more people should...

((INSERT_NAME_HERE)): Yea, I know, I mean, it's not like crack and heroin kill you or anything.

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OnebadWhiteKid OnebadWhiteKid

I wouldn't say legalize, but make it a tickitable rather than a criminal offence.

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A drug is any mind/body-altering substance. Weed is in fact a drug, just like tobacco, alcohol, penecillin, acetaminophen, caffein, etc. Legal or not, it is a drug.

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chocolatecakeisbad chocolatecakeisbad

Me stuffing you with my ** is not rape because it's just me penetrating your ** without consent...and then there are effects

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polarthebear polarthebear

In response to “Me stuffing you with my **** is not rape...

like babies!!!

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In response to “like babies!!!

And overwhelming depression in the other participant! Or is that just for me...

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Shadi Shadi

Okay, so this is completely backwards of all my other thoughts on government control over things, but if the government legalized weed and took over the whole industry and regulated it, it would be less likely to be laced with other, much more harmful substances, there would be more room in jails for people ACTUALLY committing dangerous crimes and it would help our economy.


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In response to “Okay, so this is completely backwards of all...

& the tax on weed would help with our country's debt!

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All YYA voters are dumb. :3

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

In response to “All YYA voters are dumb. :3

It's like saying lettuce isn't a vegetable, it's just a plant.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

In response to “All YYA voters are dumb. :3

Nah, all the NW voters just need to watch some Katt Williams. =)

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In response to “Nah, all the NW voters just need to watch...

Also like saying tobacco isn't a drug.

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Dinosaurs Dinosaurs

You liar! I pulled some weeds out of my garden (they happened to be dandelions) and lit them on fire. I experienced no drug-like effects.

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Katt Williams is hilarious!

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You can't argue that weed isn't a drug, but it is a lot safer than anything else, including alcohol. Just because it's illegal doesn't mean it's bad. It sucks that so many people judge it based on what they hear through Above the Influence. And not every person who smokes is a burnout, just how not every person who drinks is an alcoholic.

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above the ignorance

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jeeeerso jeeeerso

ok i've been sober for 4 months, and while i don't think it is a terrible thing, i think we should follow the laws and if we don't like it then go somewhere else. i wouldn't have a problem with legalisation but i know i won't smoke again until it is legal and even if it was i would think very hard before i did anything. drugs almost destroyed my life.

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