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If you don't know a girl then they are hot, but if you do then they are beautiful. amirite?

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Not if they're ugly

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steelerman113 steelerman113


Or vice-versa, or both on each. It greatly varies.

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In response to “Or vice-versa, or both on each. It greatly varies.

I think if a girl is good looking, but she doesn't have a good personality than she is considered "hot" because you don't care for her. But, if you really like her personality as well than she should be considered beautiful. BIG difference.

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jamesbailey jamesbailey

In response to “I think if a girl is good looking, but she...

I understand the reasoning. I simply disagree with it.

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umm yours is wayyyyyy different then mine like what if the person they know is a **** or there conceided or are backstabbers...? mine is wayyy better thank you very much and i was just better at saying what you couldn't.

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libbeyyy libbeyyy

Not if they're ugly

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steelerman113 steelerman113

In response to “Not if they're ugly

Damn, beat me to it

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qwerty123 qwerty123

Formula to get a post with a positive score on the homepage: Say something super cheesy that seems like the theme of a crappy tween movie that talks about inner beauty or some shit. All the girls will go crazy.

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pikabeau pikabeau

i dont see why you can' t just call someone you don't know beautiful.

as long as you don't overdo it so that it turns creepy i think you would leave a better impression if you say beautiful or gorgeous instead of hot

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Evan17 Evan17

In response to “i dont see why you can' t just call someone...

sometimes it turns creepy. I've had that happen before.

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ashnicoleluvsblg ashnicoleluvsblg

In response to “sometimes it turns creepy. I've had that...

yaa thats why i said don't overdo it haha

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Evan17 Evan17

In response to “yaa thats why i said don't overdo it haha

Oh okay haha I read that wrong.

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ashnicoleluvsblg ashnicoleluvsblg

Agreed. If they are good looking, it's right to assume that their personalities are really ****.

Been there, done that.

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Big_Boss Big_Boss

oh, that's so sweet. you are an awesome person.

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I disagree, mainly because I know some stunning girls who are just not nice people. To be beautiful, you need to actually be a good person.

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