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"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "Dave." "Dave who?" Dave holds back tears as he realises his mother's Alzheimer's is getting worse. amirite?

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Karma is coming to get me for laughing at that.

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Lkun Lkun


Lol this is so random

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reeree reeree

Karma is coming to get me for laughing at that.

+10210862 Reply

Lkun Lkun

I stumbled on this XD

+9112 Reply

Vex Vex

There's no way this is original but I lol'd

+65694 Reply

Brett Brett

This is sad. Not even "haha" sad. Just depressing.

-131427 Reply

Roarsnack Roarsnack

In response to “This is sad. Not even "haha" sad...

This is hilarious! It's one of my favorite posts!

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In response to “This is sad. Not even "haha" sad...

I agree. This is really depressing.

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sorry, but i don't get it at all

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In response to “sorry, but i don't get it at all

You are a **** idiot.

+576710 Reply


God that's depressing I died inside a little when I started to giggle.

+56593 Reply

Sergio Sergio

I'm going to Hell for laughing at that

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In response to “I'm going to Hell for laughing at that

I'll see ya there.

+262821 Reply

biondello biondello

This is from sickipedia

-12315 Reply


One of the few posts that literally made me laugh out loud

+19223 Reply

qwerty123 qwerty123

Can someone pretty please explain this?

-11314 Reply


In response to “Can someone pretty please explain this?

Dave is visiting his mother. She has Alzheimer's and doesn't know who he is. Read it as a conversation instead of a knock-knock joke if you still don't get it.

+26282 Reply

WingedRabbit WingedRabbit

Oh wow! I had to read this a few times... when I realized I was laughing I secretly hoped there weren't any dead Alzheimer's people walking about... O.o

+162041 Reply

TheVibeAlchemist TheVibeAlchemist

I got confused for a moment cause I got Alzheimer mixed up with Arthritis.

+606222 Reply

pingu777 pingu777

In response to “I got confused for a moment cause I got...

Oh, penguin... :D

+14162 Reply

Sqwancho Sqwancho

In response to “Oh, penguin... :D

trix are for kids!

+572 Reply

pingu777 pingu777

In response to “trix are for kids!

And not for penguins. Such a sugary diet cannot be good for your system my feathery friend!

+462 Reply

Sqwancho Sqwancho

It's funny till its happened to you...

+14162 Reply


In response to “It's funny till its happened to you...

Meh, my grandmother had Alzheimer's and almost never knew who I was. I still think this is hilarious. So really it's more "Funny as long as you have a sick sense of humor"

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WingedRabbit WingedRabbit

Haha I just got that!

+132 Reply


lol, I just read this on yesterday... hilarious

+693 Reply

duckshirt duckshirt

D'Awwwhhhhhhh D:

+352 Reply

Kiwimango9 Kiwimango9

This is so so so wrong. Funny (like, giggle-fit-funny), but so wrong.

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Your_Average_Zebra Your_Average_Zebra

Now I understand, but I still don't think it's funny.

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i'd say this was sick & sad, but i just cant stop laughing!

+473 Reply



Oh man, I still laugh when I read this.

+15183 Reply

Rocky Rocky

Ah, I'm going to the special hell for laughing at that one.

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-527 Reply

awesome awesomeness

Why did I find this so funny??!!

+363 Reply


My grandpa has Alzheimer's. He thought the Patriots and Dolphins were in the superbowl

+8113 Reply

Im_so_bored_so_bye Im_so_bored_so_bye

Oh my god, I could not stop laughing at this!

+352 Reply

LittleRed LittleRed

I laughed for a good five minutes at this.

+22 Reply


Everyone above, I look forward to seeing you guys in hell.

-336 Reply

greatrande greatrande

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