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It totaly sucks that a large majority of people today would rather see two men walking down the street holding guns than holding hands, amirite?

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Holding hands AND guns would be pure badassery.

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monstrosity monstrosity


Dismembered hands, I could understand.

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In response to “Dismembered hands, I could understand.

As they walk away epically from a zombie invasion.

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Thats probably not true. It seems like the majority of people now a days are pro gays. Its harder to find someone against it than it is to find someone for it.

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In response to “Thats probably not true. It seems like the...

Unfortunately, not in my town. :(

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In response to “Thats probably not true. It seems like the...

In my town everybody is for it. I'm one of the only people who stands up against gay marriage, but its what I believe

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chiddybang chiddybang

Well bro, times are a changin'!

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In response to “Well bro, times are a changin'!

Thanks for getting a great song stuck in my head.

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WideAwake WideAwake

Holding hands AND guns would be pure badassery.

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monstrosity monstrosity

It honestly doesn't bother me. As a gay male, I've learned just to ignore some people's prejudice and move on with my life and be productive, rather than complain.

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Clay_ Clay_

Not that I'm oppossed to the men holding hands, but i'd still much prefer to see the men holding guns. More open carriers makes the world a better place.

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TheCatalyst TheCatalyst

Wasn't this POTD a while back?

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This is a based on a quote by Ernest Gaines:

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? "

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